Monthly Roundup For April 2010

For those who have missed our posts for the month of March, here is the roundup of the articles written by our diligent team of authors. If you have any story ideas, suggestions or feedback, do not hesitate to feedback to us at the Suggestions column.


WordPress 3.0 Preview: A Quick Peek At New Features And Functionality
How to Unlock Gnome Panel For Customization in Ubuntu Netbook Edition (UNE)
What to Install After Installing Ubuntu Lucid?
Heapr: A Super Fast Meta Search Engine That Is Worth Using
Mac: How to Set a Different Wallpaper For Each Space
Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 Launches Today + Free Ubuntu Guide Download
The Howto Guide to Add Facebook Social Plugins to Your WordPress Site
5 Free Home Replacement Apps For Your Android Phone


Listen to Your Own Music Online Anywhere Anytime
How To Take Secure Remote Backups Using SSH
Pinta – Image Editing Alternative to The GIMP

Joshua Price

How to Create Screencasts in Linux
Beginner’s Guide to Grep
Getting Started with Inkscape
How to Set Up “Legend of the Green Dragon” Server
6 Tools to Easily Create Your Own Custom Linux Distro
How to Install Google Go in Ubuntu
Choosing The Best Linux Filesystem For Your PC
Linux Dock Roundup
Extreme Desktop Makeover: Josh Edition
Linux File Managers Roundup

Tavis J. Hampton

Miniaturize Your Photos With TiltShift Generator
How to Use KDE’s Clipboard and Klipper App
3 KDE Add-ons Worth Trying
An Introduction to KDE Games

Trevor Dobrygoski

5 Places to Find Twitter Lists to Follow
How to Install Multiple Windows Applications In Only 6 Clicks
Mastering Google App Marketplace In 3 Simple Steps
9 More OpenOffice Extensions

Soumen Halder

How to Lock Your Windows PC Using Your USB Drive
Switcher: A Better Alt-Tab Replacement For Windows
Syncless: An Easy Way to Synchronize Folders in Windows
How to Backup Drivers in Windows
6 Tips and Tricks For Firefox Address Bar
How to Manage Google Docs Documents From Microsoft Outlook


How to Hide Application Icon In Windows 7 Taskbar
Farmville: Effective Cheats Unveiled
How to Burn a Windows 7 ISO Image to a DVD

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