Monitor Your Website Uptime With Monitive

If you are running an online business, I am sure the last thing you want to see is your website go down and not accessible on the Web. The most basic requirement for an online business is, of course, to be and stay online. For every minute that your website is down, you are losing money. And if your business is as big as Amazon, that could add up millions of dollars for every minute of downtime.

Monitive is a web service that monitor your website uptime and inform you immediately when your site went down. We are glad to have a giveaway contest for this service. Read on for more detail.

Once configured, Monitive checks your site(s) from all around the world every minute and instantly notifies you when they go down, either via SMS, email or Twitter DM. Other than the standard HTTP site, it is also able to monitor HTTPS, FTP, MySQL, PING, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, DNS and TCP.

Configuring Monitive

Once you have signed into your Monitive account, you can click the “Add Monitor” link to get started.

In the configuration page, you will be prompted to add a descriptive name for this monitor, the check interval and the protocol to monitor.


The next section requires you to enter your website URL. You can activate the “Advanced/Custom Settings” if your website need additional configuration, such as setting a custom port, keyword check etc. If your website uses a Basic Auth to prevent unauthorized access, you can also enter the username and password here.


The last 2 sections are the alert and notification section. Here is where you can configure whether it should alert you on instant down or after an extended amount of downtime. You can also configure the mode of alert whether by SMS, email or Twitter DM.



After you have got the monitor running, you will be able to go to the Report section and view your site’s stats.


Other than the uptime, you can also view your site’s response time and the monitor status from different locations.


While there are plenty of free uptime monitoring services that you can use, most of them are only monitoring at a 30 – 60 minutes interval and don’t include many monitoring locations. With Monitive, you can monitor your site at a 10 minute interval (or 1 minute if you upgrade your free account) and from more than 10 locations around the World. Not to mention that it also monitor your site’s page loading speed and supports site with Basic Authentication, making it an even better choice than the others.



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