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Sometimes you need more than a messaging tool to communicate with your teams. There are plenty of team management and collaboration tools out there, but they often have a learning curve that slows teams down rather than speeding things up. Oftentimes assigned tasks are hidden within views and are not intuitive enough for project leaders to easily get an overview of the project progress. is taking a totally new approach to team management. It allows you to break down each project into stages or tasks, and assigns a person to a corresponding task, promoting accountability within the team. Everything is highly visual so you can easily keep track of each other’s progress, but every part is easily adjustable in case things don’t turn out as planned.

Its design philosophy aims to boost productivity and collaboration by offering a high-level centralized platform that also lets teams manage every detail of their work. From roadmap planning to the specifics of day-to-day tasks, helps their teams stay on track.

Here are some of the reasons why is worth your time.

1. Transparency works transparency into your team’s processes by using a single task board for everyone involved in a project. You can assign to-dos and track everyone’s progress and create a collaborative overview of an entire project. It also allows managers to easily shift workloads and creates a visual representation of how your team’s resources are being used.


2. Simplicity keeps everything simple. Each to-do list is displayed in chronological order on a beautiful color-coded board. Each row within the board is called a “pulse,” and each pulse contains a single task that’s assigned to a single team member. It gives a bird’s eye view of who’s accountable for what. You can tag each task with a colorful label for a quick view of your team’s progress and update or modify any pulse along your timeline with handy click-and-drag functionality.

3. Customization

The good thing about is its customizability. It allows you to customize it to your own style. Aside from the custom colors available on your task boards and pulses, you can also add custom columns to display a different aspect of a task.

Their new Column Center adds fifteen functionalities that facilitate any sort of new data you need to input, including time tracking, creation logs, location views, and anything else your project calls for. The Board Views option gives you a look at each board and its elements within your company, letting you understand and extract data across the entire platform for a unified front.

4. Communication

With you can quickly tag team members and link to relevant documents, photos or other files – guaranteeing clear messaging within the context of your team’s project and eliminating confusing back-and-forths from people working on different elements of a project. It’s especially useful for remote teammates.

You can also easily add clients to your boards to show them exactly how close you are to completing their flawless deliverables, and the platform integrates with other programs like Slack, Excel, Trello, Dropbox, and more in case your clients aren’t on the wagon yet.


With, creating a productive, stress-free workflow has never been easier. You can check out their innovative team management tools by creating a free account today.

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