Molotov Will Allow French TV Viewers to Join a VR Coffee Shop and Watch TV with Friends

Do you sometimes binge-watch your favorite show and start wishing you could watch it with your friend who you know enjoys the same show? That could be great fun, as French TV viewers are going to find out.

Molotov, a French startup, is finding itself more and more as the go-to platform for streaming TV in France. You can watch TV on just about any of your devices, be it a phone, tablet, computer, or set-top box. They’re also going to release a virtual reality app that along with a VR headset will allow users to watch TV with their friends in a VR coffee shop.

Molotov’s VR Coffee Shop

It should be noted that while this is already an existing option with many VR headsets, this one is a little different, as you’re “in” a café to actually feel like you’re right there, removing a little of that certain VR feeling of other headsets.

The Molotov Together service includes a virtual reality coffee shop called “Molotov Café.” You can invite a friend to watch TV with you in the coffee shop. There are comfy-looking armchairs in the café that allow you to sit across from each other.

No one is stuck watching the same TV channel as their friends, as you don’t share a TV – everyone has their own. But if you’re both watching the same show, it adds up to a great experience, especially if you’re watching something you like to share your opinions on like a mystery, sports, or reality TV. While you’re watching TV, you can also talk to each other using voice chat.


This could be of particular help in fan groups on social media. There are many groups that are created based on a shared fandom of a particular TV show, and the Molotov service will help these people watch their favorite shows at the same time.

To help people who are watching their TV shows in this manner, Molotov made sure that both people in this shared experience are streaming their content from the same delivery network so that they are seeing everything at the same time, and the shared jokes and comments will play out correctly.


The plans are to release Molotov Together next February. After the release, they want to add more features, such as allowing another user to view what you’re watching on TV instead of just watching the same thing at the same time.

They already have substantial business in France, with 1.2 million daily users. Having a good subscriber base will help them launch this new service.

Is Molotov Together something you would enjoy? Are there TV shows you wish you could watch virtually with others? Add your opinion in the comments below.

Image Credit: TechCrunch

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