Mojopack Allows You to Carry Your Windows XP In An USB Drive

Suppose you are going to cyber cafe due to disconnection of your home internet connection. You must know that there are not enough installed programs in cafe computer to make your job smooth. If you need 2-3 extra programs then you can use the portable versions of any software, available at Portable But to use a bunch of programs along with an Windows XP environment, Mojopack from Ringcube. This software provides you a parallel Windows XP interface with program installation facility. You can install a lot of programs in it and can access from any computer.

Mojopack will be installed in your USB drive but it will use all the resources of existing Windows XP. That’s why you can not access Mojopack in Windows Vista or Linux interface. The only drawback is it will take several minutes to start or close. You can use iPods, portable hard disks, USB-activated cell phones, digital cameras for installing Mojopack. Moreover any removable USB drive can be used.

Take a tour to the  video demo to know actually what Mojopack is.

Mojopack Installing Procedure:

Download Mojopack from here and install it in USB drive. At the time of installing it will ask you about installation location. Just click on the select option, right side of the top address bar and select the USB drive from a drop down list. Then click on “Next” to continue.


Now it will start to install the Mojopack in your USB drive and take several minutes.


After the complete installation click on “Finish” button at the bottom. Now the software will automatically run itself and it will personalize the default settings with several minutes. As the first time opening it will take much times. At the time of opening  it will access all supporting files from your USB drive so don’t plug off it.


Now after the initialization, the Mojopack operating system will run and looks like the same of your Windows XP operating system. You can install your useful software like Microsoft Office, Nero 8, VLC media player etc from here. Game installation will also be possible. The installed files will be kept securely in USB drive where the operating system is pre-installed. Now go away and don’t forget to carry the USB drive in your pocket because now it is an entire OS.

Now plug-in your USB drive and look the icon of your removable USB drive has changed into Mojopack icon. Double click on it to run.


The Mojopack desktop will be shown in a glamorous and charming interface. Don’t waste time and start your job here. You must require a Windows XP environment to run Mojopack because it will use some windows files as resources.


The vital applications provided by Mojopack are desktop icons, start menu, internet explorer, background wallpaper and my documents. When you install programs it will be added to Mojo-control Panel. At the top of the Mojopack window you will see the Mojobar which would facilitate you to switch over between host and guest computer. The only drawback  is it is very slow to run.

Have you tried Mojopack?

Abhishek Palit

Abhishek Palit is the administrator and author of Softtricks. He regularly writes there on Windows tips, blogging tips, software application, web application etc. Now he is a contributing writer in maketecheasier to share his experience with you.

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