Moggles Portable Mobile VR Goggles Review

Moggles Portable Mobile VR Goggles - Review and Giveaway

We’ve talked about Virtual Reality quite a bit in the past few years here at Make Tech Easier. We even dove into WebVR a little. I think it’s pretty safe to say that a VR headset is definitely worth buying this year and especially next year, which is right around the corner. If you’re looking for one that is stylish, efficient, and easy to take with you wherever you go, meet Moggles VR goggles!


Moggles is described as “mobile VR goggles made to fit your pocket.” What makes it unique is the fact they fold into a 50mm hard case for complete portability, just like your smartphone. As a matter of fact, below you can see how it compares to the 5.5″ Galaxy S8.


Whether you’re looking for a VR headset for yourself, children, family member or friends, Moggles is one to check out.

What’s in the Box

Seeing as Moggles works with your smartphone and doesn’t require any charging, there are only two things in the box.



  • Moggles VR Headset
  • User Manual

Bluetooth Controller (Boxes Separately)

  • Bluetooth Gamepad Remote Control
  • User Manual

Features and Specs

At just 254 grams, Moggles is extremely lightweight. Unlike your average VR headset, it’s compact and collapses into a case, making it highly portable. It measures W160 x D98 x­ H50 millimeters.


You can use Moggles with any smartphone that is 4 to 6 inches in size and up to 150 x 95 x 10 millimeters in dimension (no smaller than 130 x 50 millimeters). So while it isn’t compatible with some of the larger “Plus” devices out there, it’s great for the average ones.


It fits snuggly and comfortably around your head, thanks to the adjustable strap and cushion/foam around the eyes.


The eye adjustment dial on the top center will also come in handy once you start using Moggles. It allows you to perfectly focus the lenses so that you can clearly see what you’re doing.

Using Moggles with Your Smartphone

Moggles comes in its own little storage/carry pouch. Once you take it out of the pouch, you’ll see that it has a cover that needs to be removed before you can expand it. Collapsing it is just as easy as expanding it; the cover locks into place via two secure latches on the sides.


There are two covers on the front; one piece covers 25% while the other covers 75%. Removing the smaller piece allows you to easily insert and position your mobile device perfectly. It’s also recommended to remove the case from your mobile device first, if you have one.


The larger cover piece can be removed if you ever need to clean or get access to the lenses; other than that, though, it’s really not necessary to remove it. It also has two foam fittings on the inside to ensure that your phone doesn’t slide or move around when Moggles is in use.


You’ll want to be sure that you have the VR app of your choosing open and ready to go before inserting your smartphone into the headset and closing it up. This is because you can’t access your device once it’s inserted into Moggles.

Note: any “VR” app in the Google Play or iTunes App Store will do; you don’t need special apps.

All that’s left to do is adjust the head strap, put on Moggles like a pair of goggles, and get into the virtual reality world! I found that the cushion/foam around the eyes completely blocks out any light and allows for a completely immersive experience – so much so that I felt a little dizzy after taking off Moggles (due to the intensity of the game).

Get More Control with a Bluetooth Controller

A bite-sized, universal Bluetooth gamepad can be bundled or purchased separately. It has a joystick and four buttons and is especially great for gaming. It also doubles as a remote shutter for your mobile device.


The controller isn’t needed for some games, though, like the one I’ve been playing which only requires you to tilt your head to avoid obstacles. However, it’s nice to have in case you need to do more things like move around a room, jump, etc.


There is a switch for changing back and forth between the gamepad and “key” mode. It’s also rechargeable via a micro-USB cable (not included).

Final Thoughts

As someone who has tried Google Cardboard and a few generic VR headsets, I prefer Moggles. It’s very comfortable, provides all of the required protective measures for my smartphone and myself (face, head), and boasts portability. I wouldn’t say that it fits in your pocket (unless you have large pockets), but it surely doesn’t take up much room in a backpack, laptop bag, or even a purse.


It’s really nice to see a well-thought-out VR headset crafted with care that performs as expected and doesn’t break the bank.

Moggles Mobile VR Goggles

Charnita Fance
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