How Big Do You Like Your Mobile Phone to Be? [Poll]

Phone wars are coming down to the size of the unit. Capabilities aren’t mattering as much anymore. It’s all in the size, whether you like something you can easily hold in your hand or whether you want something with a larger screen size to enjoy your media on. How big do you like your mobile phone to be?

Even Apple is rumored to be joining the size game. They have been consistent with their changes to their iPhone line. They keep making them thinner, yet have also been making them taller and extending out the screen as far as they can. Yet the rumors are consistent that the iPhone 6 will have two versions, the “normal” size as well as one with a much larger screen. This way they’ll keep everyone happy, those who like the “normal” size and those who want the super-size. Much of the choice depends on what you like to do on your phone. If you are one of those people who does everything you can on your phone, you’ll want a larger screen size, whether it’s Apple’s new phone, a Samsung or something else. But if you use your phone just in mobile circumstances, you’ll want the more normal size of phone.

How about you? What size are you looking for in a mobile phone? Do you want something really big so that you can access all your media? Or are you looking for something of a more normal size so that it will fit perfectly in your hand and pocket?

How big do you like your mobile phone to be?

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  1. You guys didn’t give another choice:

    6) I hate phones and carry an old Tracfone for emergencies only!

  2. I remember the time everybody was talking about the phones were to big and they went for the smallest phone available. now not even 10 years later we’re gonna run around with bricks again?

    As soon as you need 2 hands to hold the “Phone” to your ear you’ve gone to far

    you forgot the:

    7) smart watches

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