Is Mobile Gaming Just as Much Fun or Just Not the Same? [Poll]

With gaming systems now entering the mobile market, both iOS and Android, and gaming systems having their own mobile devices even, you have to wonder how much of a draw this is for gamers. Is the experience of playing games on a mobile just as much fun as the desktop gaming or is it just not the same?

It’s certainly a handy concept – to play games either on a dedicated mobile device or to have apps on a mobile phone or tablet, but how does the mobile gaming experience compare to playing on a gaming system. Sure, the occasional gamers are probably going to get just as much enjoyment out of playing no matter what type of system or device it’s on. But what about those real hardcore gamers? They like to make a lot of noise about system advantages such as screen size and capabilities, but is the mobile game business making enough changes to make it comparable to a larger gaming system?

Does maneuvering a hot sports car through Grand Theft Auto compare on a phone like it does on a gaming system hooked up to your flat-screen TV? And can you beat the advantage of being able to play Angry Birds in line at the store, waiting in a doctor’s office, or in between classes at a university?

Is mobile gaming just as much fun or just not the same?

Is mobile gaming as much fun or just not the same?

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