Is Your Mobile Device Always Connected to the Internet?

Mobile devices are great for allowing you to be on the Internet at all times, but not everyone always wants to leave them connected, and with some, you can’t leave them connected. Is the Internet always turned on on your mobile device?

Sure, you can leave your cell phone always hooked up to the Internet, but you can’t do that with some tablets. Some, like the one I’m working on now, only works on WiFi. I don’t have a cellular plan for it. Additionally, some users leave their devices unplugged at different times, either so that they won’t be bothered or to save on power. Even still, you can leave the Internet off, but still leave your device on just so that you won’t be tempted to be checking email and social networks while you’re trying to get some work done. Or maybe it has nothing to do with work, and you just feel like you need some time away from being glued to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Yet there are others who always leave the Internet on because they don’t want to miss anything going on, whether it’s work-related or personal.

Do you disconnect yourself at certain times to save on power or get things done? Or do you just like to be connected at all times, never knowing when something important might come up?

Is your mobile device always connected to the Internet?

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  1. I always switch off my device while sleeping and when ever with a girlfriend I tell her to do the same. No intrusions during my sleep!

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