7 of the Best World Cup Apps to Keep Up with World Cup 2018


The World Cup is coming and bringing all the hoopla with it. Various teams will fight to the finish to crown themselves the best in the world. It’ll be a nasty fight, but only one team will be able to say that they are indeed the world’s best.

Being a soccer fan, you’ll definitely want to be up to date with anything that has to do with the World Cup. That includes getting the latest scores or any news involving the event. The following apps will help you stay on top of things.

1. World Cup App 2018 – Live Scores and Fixtures [Android]


With the World Cup App 2018, you’ll always know when your favorite team has scored, since the app will send you push notifications. By default, the app will send notifications for all teams, but by going to Settings, you can modify it so you’ll only get notifications for your favorite teams.

The app is divided into three tabs: Schedule, Matches, and Tables. You can see the exact date and time when your team will play and against what team.

The app will also show you when the 16 rounds, quarterfinals, semi-finals, 3rd place contest ends. It even tells you when the final will be and at what time. You’ll know which players are the ones that make the most goals thanks to the scorer feature.

2. World Cup FIFA 2018 [iOS]


With the official World Cup FIFA 2018, you can also get live scores, news, overview, match times, standings, qualifiers, photos, videos, and destinations. In this last section, the app gives you some information on the cities where the matches are going to be played.

The app also tells you what groups all the countries are in and the points they’ve earned with the matches they’ve tied or won. There is a fan zone where you can enjoy various fun activities such as games, other World Cup apps, and general information on the event.

3. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Web App [Web]


The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia web app will not only give you general information on the event, but it will also allow you to buy tickets. You can see videos and pictures that will help you get to know each team individually.

It also has a countdown clock that counts the days, hours, and minutes until the Worl Cup starts. In the Classic tab you can take a look back at memorable moments from past World Cups. If you’re on the main page and click on Match Schedule, you’re taken to a PDF you can print that will give you the complete schedule of all matches.

4. World Cup 2018 Russia [Android]


World Cup 2018 Russia is not one of the most popular apps, but it’s definitely worth a look. It has a clean and easy-to-understand design and comes with features every soccer fan should enjoy.

For example, it has a countdown clock, match schedule, top scorers, stadiums, news, and will even show you an image and capacity for each stadium. To help you read the group standings better, the app has a section where it tells you what each letter of the standings means.


5. World Cup App 2018: Russia [iOS]


The World Cup App 2018: Russia app keeps things simple. It won’t bombard you with too many features. When you first open the app, you can either choose to see news, teams, results,  match calendar or info on the app.

If you tap on teams and then on your favorite team, you’ll know when they’ll play, against who and in what stadium. All the essential information the app shows you is very easy to read.

6. ESPN [Windows]

A must-have desktop app is ESPN. These initials need no introduction since they are very well known for providing the latest for any sports event. With ESPN you’ll get all sorts of tips such as how to watch the World Cup, latest news, match results, best World Cup mascots and so much more!

ESPN even has a section that tells you everything there is to know about all thirty-two teams, whether it’s good or bad news.  The World Cup has a section all to itself where you can also get tables, team guide, stats, and match schedule. If you feel like knowing what’s going on in other sports, you won’t have to go very far.

7. Watch World Cup 2018 on Fox Sports


If you don’t want to wait for the match results, you can watch the World Cup on Fox. It also has a fan guide that will keep you informed of everything that has to do with the event. Fox will even suggest the games that you can’t miss such as Argentina vs. Iceland and England vs. Belgium.

There is an option to download the World Cup’s full schedule, so you’ll never miss a single game. If you’re not sure what teams or players are worth keeping an eye on, Fox will make sure you do. Make sure to watch all the videos as well, such as 50 Players to Watch in Russia.


The most important soccer event is coming, and it’s coming soon. Make sure you have all the apps necessary to stay informed on how your favorite team is doing. With these apps you’ll have so much information to read you won’t know where to start. Which team do you think will win the World Cup? Let us know in the comments.

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