MisHaps For Android Displays Your Contact Information Without Unlocking Your Phone

Android comes with an optional lockscreen that requires you to enter a password/pin/pattern before you can get to the Home screen. This may be a good protection feature, but in the event that you lost your phone, there is no way that the person who pick up your phone can know your contact information and return the phone to you. MisHaps For Android is one of those small, lightweight apps that place a small contact information on the lockscreen so others can know how to contact you without unlocking the phone.

Once you installed the app and run it, you can go into the Settings to add your contact information. Things you can add include your name, email address, contact number. In case of emergency where you meet with an accident, you can add Emergency message, who to contact and the contact number as well.


Once that is done, simply enable the misHaps app and it will show up automatically on the lockscreen.


misHaps is available in the Play Store for $0.99.

misHaps for Android


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