MinuteIO: An Extremely Convenient Web Tool to Record Meeting Minutes

MinutesIO-1At meetings, there are usually many speakers who have different agendas to cover. It is easy to get bored in meetings and lose track of some of the things that are said. While this is fine for regular meeting attendees, for people responsible for recording the meeting’s minutes, this is a major problem. They need to pay close attention to everything that is mentioned in the meeting. But this is not the most difficult part of recording meeting minutes; the hardest part is to sort the minutes into appropriate categories and send them to your bosses.

This latter part is what consumes the most time. Putting everything in the right format to be emailed with your superiors can consume a surprisingly large amount of time. But that time can be drastically reduced if you are using a web service called “MinuteIO”.


MinutesIO is a wonderful and free web service that helps its users record meeting minutes. The site is designed such that you can carry your laptop directly into the meeting and start recording minutes. Without requiring your sign up for new accounts, MinutesIO lets you start entering a meeting’s details, record minutes, assign them categories, due dates, and topics. After the meeting has ended, your recorded minutes can be shared with your superiors via email. The entire process is extremely fast and effective.


When you visit MinutesIO, simply click on the big green button to get started. The site does not ask you create any new accounts – it stores information locally in your browser; this explains for the tool’s speedy responsiveness.


Clicking on the button opens up a new interface for recording meeting minutes. You can start recording the details of the meeting – title, location, time, project, etc. – by clicking on the text that appears on the webpage.


You can modify the text on the meeting page according to your requirements and to fit your meeting. In addition to entering your company’s name and the meeting’ location, you can enter your email address, the emails of the attendees or any people you will later be sharing the minutes with. You can also optionally add a description for the meeting.


The area that lets you record minutes works in a similar way: you click on text and type to edit it. For each minute you can add a topic in the leftmost pane, then select the type of minute, add a note for it, select whom it was said by at the meeting, and optionally select a due date for tasks that will be completed later on.


When you are finished with the meeting and would like to finalize its minutes, you can click on the check mark (ü) that appears on the left.


After this, your minutes will be finalized and you will be able to view the sharing, printing, and editing panes in the same place you found the check mark.


The sending button lets you share the meeting’s minutes with whomever you want to share them with via email. Before you send the email, you are shown its preview.


You can modify the recipients of the email as well as the body. In the body you will find that your meeting minutes are actually published on a secret URL. You can copy the URL from here and directly share it with friends to let them view the minutes without sending them an email. To return to your minutes anytime, you can revisit MinuteIO and click on the top button on the left pane to view your dashboard. Here you can revisit your recorded minutes, edit them, and share them.



MinutesIO is an invaluable tool for anybody who wants to record minutes of meetings. By offering its users an intuitive interface to record minutes without having to sign up for anything, the site presents unprecedented convenience. For all secretaries or people whose task is to record meeting details, MinutesIO is a must-bookmark website.

Check out MinutesIO @ http://minutes.io/


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