Quickly Minimize Memory Usage in Firefox (Without Installing Another Addon)

While there are tons of addons that you can install in Firefox to minimize its memory usage, sometime you may just want to use a simple method without installing yet another extension. Since Firefox 22 there is a native feature that allows you to quickly minimize the memory usage of Firefox.

1. Open your Firefox browser and type “about:memory” in the URL bar.

2. In the page that show up, you should see a “Minimize Memory Usage” button. If you hover your mouse over it, you will see a description of what it does. Basically, it will trigger a global garbage collection and flush the various cache.


When it is done cleaning up the memory usage, it will show a message “Memory minimization completed”.


That’s it.

Note: You won’t see any effect on a freshly open browser. However, on a browser that have been opened for a long time and has many active tabs, you should see that your Firefox is taking up lesser resources now.

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