Minecraft vs. Roblox: Which Is Best for You or Your Child?

Minecraft Vs Roblox Hero

Minecraft and Roblox are two of the leading videogame sandboxes. They allow players, particularly in the younger age brackets, to build worlds and games from something akin to digital Legos, explore worlds created by other players, and go on adventures alongside friends from the real world and those met in-game.

But beyond that, the two hit games are actually very different from each other. Here, the differences between Minecraft and Roblox are discussed so that you can work out which one’s best for you (or your child).

Minecraft vs. Roblox Microtransactions

Microtransactions will be a key question on the minds of wary parents who’ve had their wallets burned one too many times from kids getting obsessed with special items. How do they work in both games?

Minecraft Vs Roblox Microtransactions 2

There are several different versions of Minecraft. You’ll find very few microtransactions on the PC version of the game because of the wealth of community-created content, but on Android and consoles you’ll need to pay for various premium “add-ons” that you buy using Minecoins through a dedicated marketplace.

At an estimate, texture packs cost about $4 to $5, as do bigger “mash-up” packs. Various game modes and structures cost approximately between $1 to $10. Of these prices, 70 percent goes to the creators, while Microsoft takes a 30 percent cut.

Roblox works a little differently. The entire game is “freemium,” and once you’re in, you can access different game modes and player creations using a currency called Robux. Prices for in-game items are increasing, with $10 game passes offering limited access to games and cosmetic items costing $5 and up.

Minecraft Vs Roblox Microtransactions 1

There are also third-party sites selling in-game items for frankly extortionate prices (like Gameflip), where you can pay dozens of dollars for a single item. In this way, Roblox feels a little less safe and controlled in terms of microtransactions.

Minecraft vs. Roblox Price

A big point of divergence between the two games, and particularly important if you’re a parent who is the person actually paying, is that one is an outright purchase, and the other is free to play, which usually means you’ll end up paying more over the long run.

Minecraft Vs Roblox Gameplay Jailbreak

The Minecraft Starter Pack costs $26.99, which will give you access to all the game’s content. You can get the Master Collection for around $50, which comes pre-packed with some of the best community creations as well as 1000 Minecoins.

Minecraft Vs Roblox Scenery

Roblox, on the other hand, is free to play but is more dependent on the in-game currency Robux (which you buy using real-world money) once you’re inside. Many games created in Roblox charge Robux for access, and there’s not necessarily a lot of quality control.

You can also subscribe to Roblox Premium ($6 to $20 a month), which cuts out a lot of the grind and gives you a monthly income of Robux and more trading options with players. Though, of course, those subscription costs do add up quite quickly.

Savvy players can even earn Robux in the game which can then be converted into real money, but that takes a lot of dedication and effort and isn’t likely to work for more casual players.

Minecraft vs. Roblox Gameplay

Despite superficial similarities, Minecraft and Roblox play very differently. Minecraft is a more solitary game, focused more around creating worlds using the various building blocks in the game. Many of the levels tend to be single-player – or if online, on smaller servers. Minecraft is very much a game within itself, played from the first- or third-person, letting players explore and build in other players’ created worlds.

Minecraft Vs Roblox Minecraft Gameplay

Roblox is more of a toolbox for making games across a number of genres – shooters, strategy games, other games, you name it. So within Roblox, you have extremely popular games like Jailbreak – where you must prevent or carry out a bank heist, Natural Disaster Survival, and Theme Park Tycoon 2.

Minecraft Vs Roblox Gameplay 2

The variety is huge, though you may have to pay a small amount of Robux if you want to play some of them (by buying in-game cash in Jailbreak, for example). There’s a much bigger focus on multiplayer here, too, so you’ll be interacting a whole lot more with fellow players. If you’re a parent, that means you should be more wary in Roblox of abuse or other misbehavior, because as we all know, the Internet can be a rough place!

A good way to separate them would be to say that Minecraft is at its core a crafting/building/survival game, while Roblox is a toolset whose audience is split between the creators of various games and the consumers who play them.

MineCraft vs. Roblox Popularity

Because Roblox has been surging in popularity in recent years and wasn’t talked about much before, there’s a misconception that it came out after Minecraft or even that it’s a Minecraft ripoff. The truth is that Roblox has been around since 2006, making it three years older than Minecraft, which came out in 2009. Who’s the copycat now?

Minecraft Vs Roblox Graph

Regardless, Minecraft was by far the more popular game for many years, though its waning popularity since its 2013 peak meant that interest in Minecraft and Roblox was close to equal by 2017, and in August 2019 Roblox surpassed Minecraft’s 91 million monthly users by having 100 million. Impressive!

All in all, it’s fair to say that the two games both enjoy huge popularity, and you won’t have trouble finding servers and games to play with others in either of them.

Minecraft and Roblox aren’t as similar as you first thought, right? If you opt for Minecraft over Roblox and happen to own a Raspberry Pi, then you can turn the Pi into a Minecraft server! Or, for something more casual and instant, see our list of hidden Google games.


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  1. This is not entirely true. Roblox is a great game/community if you don’t want to spend money. The article states “Many roblox games charge robux for access”, as of now 29 – 11 – 2020 there are only a handful of games which charge robux for access compared to the amount of free games on Roblox. Also, the article does not really give a correct representation of the veriety of games on Roblox. There are roleplaying games focused on giving the player all the options they need to well made horror games. On Roblox you can adopt pets and take care of them or you can play a parkour game. You can “work” as a firefighter or play paintball with others. Because the developers/creators of the roblox games want to make the game as good as possible (usually) to make it a succes, the roblox platform will sustain itself as a platform on which games compete with each other.

    In a way, minecraft experiences this too. For example minecraft servers, there is a huge community for minecraft out there and servers offer “Minigames” or other stuff to do within minecraft.

  2. Honestly Minecrafts just better. Although it costs money its worth it, and is a great game. Robloxs problem is community made games. It has bad graphics too.

  3. I’m a kid although i like both games i think minecraft is better because its more safe for kid and could stop online perverted people

  4. Some of these sections are a little biased such as the copycat thing. Minecraft was not even based on Roblox so there is no “copying off anything”.
    Another thing I noticed is that when It was said Minecraft is more of a building/survival game, that is not entirely true because a lot of Minecraft’s popularity is in its servers such as Hypixel with about 100,000 players daily and it’s other 40,000 servers.
    I feel like whoever created this article was a little unprofessional and has not played the two games enough too have a say of which is better.

  5. I agree roblox does have kinda bad graphics and its kind of fun but I lean more towards mincraft(because im a teen),also mincraft does NOT copy roblox,but good article anyway!

      1. Minecraft is NOT a copy of Roblox, Mojang announced that they didn’t even know that Roblox was a game in progress. in 2006 Roblox was just starting to polish there game, and i was one of the first to test it. It looked nothing like Minecraft back then, it had block graphics but the blocks weren’t connected to each other instead they were giant infused slabs. I will agree that the games had inspiration from each other such as the fact that roblox has released a survival game. Its hard to say that roblox is to blame for using inspiration because its in fact the game creators that cause this “Copying”.

  6. I think the one who wrote this, should’ve played the games more. Roblox is way better due to all the game options (ropleplay parkour shooter and much more). Minecraft is only a building game which is boring,

  7. They definitely needed to play the games abit more. And for the record noobster minecraft is a game with thousands of things to do varied from servers where you can pvp others in hundreds of different games or survivals where you can complete multiple tasks to build your empire, all the way to speedrunning when people can break world records for beating the game. So no not JUST A BUILDING GAME.

  8. Roblox is a ‘Platform’ not a ‘game’, its ran by a company that doesn’t care about its users (e.g. letting game Devs include what they want in there games/groups/banners even if it’s to do with your kids sexual orientation & preferances, BLM or LGBTQ+.. which is sick).

    Microsoft is a company (that I still don’t like due to old flames) but at least there more professional and sort-of care about there games users & try to keep there games ‘kid/family friendly’ as much as possible.

    Basically Roblox is not very ‘family friendly’, it does have a huge selection of games with some being ‘family friendly-ish’ and others not at all but that’s down to a Devs preferances sadly (a lot of games are a total robux ripoff e.g. £40-60 for a single pet that’s not even good or can’t be traded, hell even £20 is a lot for most of the in-game crud & even character items are over priced mainly junk, yes ok some games sell items at £1-2 but some still need more than one to ‘modify/evolve/etc’ and can workout (£16-32+) at a lot just for one item) & noone cares about reported players as nothing is ever done about them. some good games are things like the RPG games or warrior SIM and ninja legends (although there old and rarely updated now) also islands is an ok game that seems regularly updated. There was also a good game about catching pets and updating your farm which was fun but the island changed (open source) and it’s not that easy to play now (if it’s still going).

    Adopt me is NOT family or really kid friendly due to the Devs including stuff about your kids sexual orientation or preferances (Pan, Bi, etc), yet Roblox company think that it’s “fine, doesn’t break any rules”.. really?, A game where players have to out there preferances’ and have ‘tags’ like “Lauren BI // likes emos // wanna date?” which is just stupidly retarded,we don’t greet people like that I hope.

    Minecraft is a brilliant game, ok there’s some people that ruin it for others or draw crude images etc but with all the servers or even the option to host your own you have more control and there’s a lot of fun servers.. from Pokémon themed, Zelda, mario, starwars, to paintball or sky fights and even cannon wars and battle-ship, Microsoft also isn’t as much of a total ripoff.. £5-10 for something is a tone cheaper than Roblox items requiring more than one to ‘evolve’ at £40-60 and untradable lol. They also do ban players when reported.

    Only thing that is a total crap-shoot is Microsoft’s Pi edition of Minecraft, it started as a brilliant idea.. flopped when Microsoft gave-up even updating it (even when people were willing to pay for a fully working version even if it was very very basic) and left it as a bad port worse than Xbox one edition (there’s no enemies, no sound/music, no using items as such, no day/night, no animals or NPC’s, no attacking.. literally), the patch you can find online adds a few things (day/night, mobs, animals, sound) but you can’t kill/attack and they can & Martin O’Hanlon made some cool scripts for various stuff (sound etc) but this version is basically only great to use for messing with code as it’s that basic (it’s alpha and we were told it won’t ever be updated).

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