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It’s been discussed often in news pieces here at Make Tech Easier the past few months: the pandemic didn’t just change the way we live – it also changed the way we work. Microsoft plans to take advantage of this trend and make Windows available in the cloud, much as it’s done with the Xbox gaming system. Windows 365 will take advantage of the hybrid system the workforce is migrating to and allow Windows to be available on multiple devices and platforms.

The Mobile Business Migration

Microsoft announced a version of Windows on Wednesday that will run exclusively in the cloud. This means every device that runs any operating system and uses a web browser will be able to run Windows 365. Windows will be readily available on Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

The software is aimed at the workforce to take advantage of the hybrid work system with employees moving back and forth between the office and home. Being that Windows 365 works on any device, an employee can pick up their work at home without having to lug a laptop with them. They can simply pick up their phone, tablet, or computer at home.

“This is our take on hybrid,” said Jared Spataro, a Microsoft vice president. “Hybrid is really driving a bit of a rewiring of the opening model of our customers.”

Windows 365 All Devices

The migration to the cloud comes as computing is increasingly moving to mobile systems. Computing is becoming hybrid as well with 2-in-1 systems and universal software.

Microsoft had a Windows phone for some time, but it just couldn’t compete with iPhones and Android. Microsoft only has 30 percent of the global operating system market now between PCs and smartphones. It’s a big fall from the 85 percent it held a decade ago, according to the Statcounter analytics firm.

Not that Microsoft is hurting when it comes to Windows. This past financial year saw Windows-related sales at 22.3 billion, with the Azure cloud-computing business driving its growth. Don’t feel too sorry for the company – it’s still worth $2 trillion.

Windows 365 in the Cloud

Windows 365 brings the business to the cloud to help it compete more. A cloud-based version of Windows 10 is hosted entirely on Azure and will be available next month. When Windows 11 rolls out to PCs later this year, it will be available for Windows 365 as well. Businesses can sign up for it with a monthly service fee, though pricing has not been announced yet.

Windows 365 Hybrid

Spataro claims Windows 365 will have added security benefits as well – at a time when cybercrime is an increasing concern. With everything stored in the cloud, he sees it as less risky, though there are certainly many people who see storing data in the cloud as riskier.

Ostensibly, Windows 365 should make our lives easier. Those who work on Windows but live on Mac, iOS, or Android will find it much easier to move back and forth. But that’s provided, of course, that their companies agree to buy into the subscription model

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