Automate Excel Tasks with the Microsoft VBA Bundle

When working with Excel, sometimes it can get a little rote, and because of that, it helps if you can automate the tasks by writing macros. You can learn to do just that with the Microsoft VBA Bundle. With this two-course bundle, you’ll learn advanced Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) as well as Microsoft VBA and will be able to take care of all those rote Excel tasks much more easily.

The following two courses are included in this bundle.

Advanced VBA – Automate your more complicated Excel tasks in this advanced course that will take your beginner knowledge and push you much further. You’ll pick up a comprehensive understanding of using VBA in Excel and change the way you work data. As a special bonus, the course is accredited by CPDUK.

  • Five hours of content
  • Learn how to write Excel events and put them to use
  • Discover how to design and implement special classifications of objects
  • Explore the method of using input boxes and message boxes to communicate with users
  • Use cell ranges to customize the right-click menu
  • Find out how to modify the user interface with Ribbon and context menus to interact with the VBA code
  • Create flowcharts that are cross-functional


Advanced VBA – Create a whole new way to work with Excel data, automating your Excel tasks and turbocharging your data-handling with just a little bit of knowledge of VBA. You’ll learn these advanced techniques no matter your prior knowledge. Be sure to add it to our resumé, as it’s accredited by CPDUK.

  • Four hours of content
  • Discover how to automate frequently-performed tasks and operations
  • Find out how to works with variables, subroutines, and functions
  • Learn practical methods to use macro errors to improve your VBA code
  • Examine the PivotTable object and how to utilize it

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Microsoft VBA Bundle

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