Does Microsoft Supporting Linux Make You Like Windows More?


One thing we all expect of our chosen operating system is that it plays nice with others. We want to be able to do it all, yet do it all on our favorite OS. Given that, does Microsoft supporting Linux make you like Windows more?

All you have to do is a quick Google search for “Microsoft supporting Linux,” and you find the several ways the company is working with Windows’ competition. There is support for Linux and open source technology in Azure. Windows 10 makes it a possibility to run Bash on Windows. And soon running Linux apps on Windows will be a possibility because of a partnership between Microsoft and Canonical.

But what does all this mean for Windows? Clearly they aren’t the big dog in the race that they once were. For one reason, many are moving to mobile options, and Windows came too late to the race for that. For another, people are preferring the ease of Mac OS X and the open source technology in Linux.

But not that they’re bringing more support for Linux, how does it change how you feel about Windows? Is Windows too late to the game for that as well? Or do you think that this will begin to resurrect Windows?

Does Microsoft supporting Linux make you like Windows more?

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

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  1. the only thing this does for/to me is make me suspect M$ even more, linux is everything windoz wishes it was. IF M$ were to wake up and possibly incorporate linux into a whole new OS then i might like windoz better…might. this is to easy for M$ to muck up linux for everyone….just make a new OS…winux or lindows…but be smart about it and not bloat it to uselessness! i don’t trust M$.

  2. Since M$ cannot beat Linux in a head to head competition, it is trying its old ‘Embrace, Extend, Extinguish’ tactic. They have just Embraced Linux. M$ probably can Extend Linux, although any ‘extending’ will be proprietary. However, when it comes to the Extinguish phase, M$ is in for a rude awakening. Since Linux is not centralized and under the control of one company, trying to ‘extinguish’ it will be like trying to nail Jello to a wall. I suspect that by collaborating with Canonical, M$ is trying to get its sticky fingers on Linux patents copyrights so they can pull the Darl McBride/SCO gambit.

  3. I so agree with Brigit and DragonMouth (love that ‘nail Jello to the wall’ quip): Microsoft is a corporation, not a community. They could care less about the community – look how they’re treating Windows Phone users, the ones that can’t upgrade to Win10. And this is their *own* customer base! They would love nothing more than to somehow make Linux their IP, so that they can 1) make money on it and 2) kill off the few outlier (as they see it) non-Windows users. So all that “we love Linux” rubbish is just that: rubbish. Microsoft are only ’embracing’ Linux because they have no choice. If the Pentagon and the White House both decide this quintessentially American Company’s product is so insecure, they’d rather go with one with Open-Source roots, that’s telling that American Company something, isn’t it? Pundits always bring out the tired “tin-foil hat’ meme whenever the discussion heads this way, but end of the day, results are what count. Oh, and this is exactly a HUGE reason for so many distro flavours: Microsoft could potentially lock down the Ubuntu (bash) tool somehow – wouldn’t put it past them! – but there are simply too many flavours of the OS in general and shells in particular to lock them all down. Good luck with that Jello, Microsoft! :D

  4. I agree with the “embrace, extend, extinguish” concerns. However, everything is moving towards convergence with UNIX-like operating systems, and I see this as part of that trend. I won’t fully believe it until I can run Office on Linux without using WINE.

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