Don’t Know Code? No Problem. Microsoft Launches New Simplified Machine-Learning Services

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If you’re trying to build or otherwise create some models and just have no clue where to start because you don’t knock a lick of code, Microsoft is trying to help you out. They’re launching three new services that simplify the process of machine learning.

These include a tool that automates the process of creating models/ a visual interface for building, training and deploying models; and hosted notebooks for more advanced developers.

Microsoft’s New Machine-Learning Services

Are you interested? If you’re looking for an easier process of creating the technology you love, you’re in luck. Microsoft Azure’s automated machine learning tool is now basically drag-and-drop. To create a model you only need to import a data set, then tell the interface which value to protect. This is all done without adding a single line of code.

There are also new algorithms and optimizations that will make your models more accurate. But if you know your way around code and feel this is going to dumb down the process too much for you, don’t fret, as Microsoft notes that the service provides “complete transparency into algorithms, so developers and data scientists can manually override and control the process.”

Maybe you don’t know code and are more of a visual person. Then the Azure Machine Learning visual interface is what you may be looking for. It’s actually very similar to Azure ML studio that never really got off the ground.

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The new visual interface combines ML studio with the Azure Machine Learning service to create something much more visual. It allows you to visually handle everything all the way to production.

If you feel like those two services will “dumb down” the process too much for you, the hosted notebooks in Azure Machine Learning could be what you need. The notebooks include support for Azure Machine Learning Python SDK and work in a “secure, enterprise-ready environment.”

These notebooks include both code and rich text and allow developers to get started with a project without having to set up a new environment with cloud resources.

Making Tech Easier

Does this make the development process easier for you to allow you to get your feet wet? Hopefully, at the same time it also allows the more experienced developers to work in a system that makes them comfortable.

This certainly seems to be the trend with technology, between artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things, etc. It all seems to be trying to find a way to make our tech lives easier without dumbing it down in the process.

Do you think you’ll try Microsoft’s new services? does it help you to not have to know any code? Add your thoughts on this to the comments section below.

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