Become a Microsoft Excel Expert with the eLearnExcel Master Certification Bundle

Whether you’re already familiar with Microsoft Excel or just looking to get started, the The Microsoft Excel Master Certification Bundle has all you need to help set up your spreadsheet game and get certified in the process.

For just $39 you get nine courses that will help you come to terms with all the features that Excel has to offer.

Excel Foundations

Understanding Excel can feel intimidating amidst all of those empty cells, but in less than five hours, this beginner-friendly training will get you up and running with the essentials and ready to impress with your own industry-backed CPD certification. Following along with expert instructors, you’ll get up to speed with navigating the interface, formatting and editing, and entering formulas to streamline your workflows.

Excel Formulas and Functions


Excel is filled with functions and formulas designed to save you time, but using them can be daunting for beginners. Across thirty step-by-step lessons, you’ll learn how to use Excel’s most popular formulas to streamline your spreadsheets. You’ll learn how to leverage advanced functions, track down information with VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP, and even earn a CPD-certified credential by the course’s end.

Excel Analyzing Data Course

Excel sheets can hold a ton of data, but you’ll still need to organize and filter them to get the insights you’re looking for. Focused on working with lists and tables, this training will show you how to make sense of large datasets and validate your know-how with a CPD-certified credential.

Excel Charts Course

Not everyone can gather insights from staring at rows of Excel cells, but that’s what charts are for! This step-by-step guide will walk you through displaying the meaning behind the numbers with vivid sparklines, charts, and other visualization media. Finish the training, and you’ll have a CPD-certified Excel Professional Certification to back up your newfound skills.

Excel Pivot Tables and Dashboards Course

Excel is loaded with features, but few offer as much power and flexibility as Pivot Tables. From navigating the interface to creating gripping dashboards, this training will show you how to leverage Pivot Tables to its full potential. And with the CPD-certified Excel Expert Certification, you’ll have no problem demonstrating your new understanding to potential employers.

Excel Protection and Design Course


Excel sheets are superb at tracking everything from accounting information to customer data, but that information is not for everyone’s eyes to see. This training will show you how to secure your workbook and determine who can access it. Make your way through the whole course, and you’ll have a CPD-certified Excel Architect certification to impress prospective employers.

Excel Recording and Macros Course

Most people view using Excel as a mind-numbing slog through empty cells, but some simple automation can help you avoid much of the tedium. Step by step, this course will guide you through automating with macros and VBA, and you’ll even emerge with a CPD-certified Excel Developer Certification, validating your skills when you’re done.

Excel Master Project and Certification

Think of this course as the finishing touch for your Excel education. With one final project, this training is all that stands between you and a coveted CPD-certified Excel Master Diploma certification. Whether you’re a finance professional, data analyst, accountant, or any other data-driven expert, this certification can pave the way to higher pay grades and promotion prospects.

15 Time-Saving Excel Tips


Working in Excel can feel tedious, but smart use of shortcuts can dramatically minimize the monotony. In less than an hour you’ll arm yourself with a myriad of shortcuts, tricks, and functions to streamline your workflows.

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eLearnExcel: The Microsoft Excel Master Certification Bundle

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