Browser Wars 2018: Microsoft Edge versus Google Chrome

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According to October 2018 figures, Google Chrome’s top position among browsers remains unchallenged. Another browser, Microsoft Edge, is winning rave reviews with its redesigned features and smoother navigation. But is Edge really the future of browsers as Microsoft would have us all believe?

To find out, we pitted Edge against Chrome in a toe-to-toe contest to see which is the better browser.

1. Memory and CPU Usage

Microsoft has claimed on record that its browser is extremely friendly towards battery life and RAM. However, such a claim was not vindicated during a simple analysis. When you keep multiple tabs open (17 in our case), Edge can feel weighty and sluggish even on a Windows device.

Chrome, on the other hand, tends to consume less resources. In our test, it only consumed 0.6% CPU versus 13.4% for Edge, for the same set of web pages. Additionally, Chrome’s memory consumption was approximately 60% less.

 Chrome versus Edge CPU and Memory Comparison

Of course, these are extreme figures. If you work with fewer windows, the differences can be marginal. If you like to multi-task, Chrome remains your best bet.

2. Bandwidth Comparison

Chrome versus Edge network bandwidth test and usage

At, Chrome consistently recorded faster ping times (278 ms/306 ms), download (7.47 Mbps/4.38 Mbps) and upload speeds (4.83 Mbps/3.88 Mbps) compared to Edge. If you are just using Edge, it doesn’t feel slow. But if you are comparing it against Chrome, the difference in speed is noticeable.

3. Raw Surfing Speed

Chrome versus Edge raw Internet speed

We checked both browsers for raw surfing speed at Speedtest and Pingdom. It was found that, on average, Chrome returns website search queries faster. For example, a page load test for this site on Pingdom took 3.02 seconds on Chrome versus 3.81 seconds on Edge.

4. Faster JavaScript Engine

JavaScript is an integral part of most web pages and dynamic applications. At, we checked which browser could better complete a series of JavaScript tasks. Chrome scored 341.38 versus 280.2 for Edge. Higher is better for faster JavaScript downloads.

5. HTML5 Rendering

Chrome versus Edge fastest JavaScript engine

HTML5 is at the heart of multimedia applications including online music, streaming videos, web authentication and online payments. We checked HTML5 rendering for both browsers at Chrome scored 528 out of 550 versus 492 out of 550 for Edge.

6. Power Browsing

As discussed earlier, Edge’s latest features allow you to surf multiple tabs in the same window by keeping a few tabs aside. But, what good is such a novelty if that means a drain on the battery. Clearly, Chrome wins hands-down when it comes to multi-tasking.

7. Privacy and Security

Chrome versus Edge private browsing comparison

There is one thing Edge does better than Chrome: private surfing. Even without running a NoScript, one can avoid detection of sensitive hardware and plugin information on Edge. Chrome, on the other hand, reveals too much about your computer including system hardware, GPU, display resolution and more. The clear verdict is that Microsoft is far more concerned about user privacy than Google.

8. Extensions

Chrome’s collection of browser extensions is rather exhaustive. Whereas, for Edge, you can scroll down to the end in less than 1 minute! This feels true because so many browser extensions that you take for granted with Chrome, are not supported on Edge.

9. Chrome Versus Edge: Features Comparison

Microsoft has spared no effort to introduce next-generation features in Edge. You can now save tabs for later; an intuitive feature which allows you to surf everything in one single window. You can eliminate all passwords, and mute tabs. This is quite useful while surfing news websites which play audio without your permission. You can add notes and highlights on a browser window. Unlike Edge, Chrome hasn’t really added too many features recently. One exception is “Chrome sync” which can be quite useful in syncing browsers on multiple devices.

10. Mobile Browsers: Chrome Versus Edge

Edge Mobile browser in Android

Finally, there is another thing Edge does better than Chrome. Its mobile interface on Android feels more feature-rich and faster. Chrome’s 56.9% market share of mobile browsers is falling each year. This is because there are so many good mobile browsers that have made a name for themselves.


Our final verdict is that while Microsoft has drastically improved over Internet Explorer, Edge browser still has a long way to go before it can catch up with Google Chrome.


  1. Firefox is better than either and guards your privacy too

  2. I’ve found out that playing 4k you-tube content it’s smoother with edge then with chrome. It seems that Microsoft manipulate something with the adressing of the memmory.

    1. I’ll give you that. YouTube does feel smoother on Edge. Its white grey color scheme perfectly blends with YouTube’s background.

      However not all users have that same experience. Some have reported that YouTube feels deliberately slow on non-Google browsers.

    2. Only way to view 4K in Netflix is with Edge. Some sort of exclusive Microsoft has with Netflix.

  3. It is not which one is better. Both Chrome and Windows 10 are worse than Vista, which was bad enough.

  4. Firefox is just Ok for me, it tends to fall to third in a lot of performance test. Not significantly slower, but it always tends to lag.
    Microsoft switching to Chromium engine for Edge should help it become a decent alternative for Windows users who prefer Microsoft services over Google data collection. Opera always comes up as a option but few seem to install it. Brave and Vivaldi also have had some success both are also Chromium based. Edge original is still mid pack in performance. Sometimes it beats Chrome most times not. I don’t think many users would notice, but they probably would notice a lack of extensions. One obvious trend is Chromium is the engine of choice for most browsers today. Sorry Firefox your days may be numbered.

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