Microsoft Found a New Place to Display Ads in Windows 10. Here’s What You Need To Do

Windows 10 has had mixed reception. You may recall various articles from here with writers like myself criticizing it on its release, or other writers praising it. While the buzz has died down for the most part, occasionally Microsoft does something that causes us to raise our collective eyebrows… and recently, we’ve discovered one such case of that.

Namely, OneDrive advertisements have been invading people’s File Explorer windows. According to user Tail_Ships_For_Life on Reddit, it looks something like this:


This incident was enough for multiple tech sites, ours included, to report on it. Fortunately the fix for this particular ad is pretty easy: simply going to File Explorer Options, View, and then unchecking “Show sync provider notifications”.

However, this isn’t the only ad of its kind on Windows 10. In fact, there’s a lot more of them that you may or may not have seen while using your device, especially whenever opening the Start Menu.

To dive in deeper to blocking all ads on your Windows 10 installation, check out Robert Zak’s article on the topic over here. ┬áHe’ll teach you how to get rid of Office ads, Lock Screen Ads, Start Menu ads and more. We’ve also written vairous adblocking guides as well, including uBlock vs AdBlock Plus, removing Skype ads, and an in-depth guide to using adblockers themselves.

What do you think of Microsoft’s strategy to display ads everywhere?

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  1. Yep. Another reason I refuse to use Windows 10. I also provide support for my mother, brother, daughter, and grand kids. They’re currently running Windows 7 or Windows 8 and they’re not going to get Windows 10 either. And it’s all a big consideration when I buy hardware. I don’t want to teach my family Linux, but I will if M$ doesn’t get it’s act together.

  2. The solution is so simple: throw 10 out of the windows and start using a decent Linux distro. I have done that 9 years ago and never looked back. No advertising, no viruses, no malware, no spyware, I use the computer for those things I want to use my computer for, not for those things Microsoft tells me to use it. The computer is faster, software is free and for free (most of it anyway) and all that brings the fun back in using a computer.

  3. windows gets to be more of a pain every day. i have it running on an old machine so i can listen to my itunes songs sometimes. why use it unless you definitely need office or itunes.. My two laptops run mint 18.1 and fedora 25 (Exton Defender). Mint 18 is so easy and user friendly a child could use it.

  4. Well, Microsoft has to monetize its products somehow. I’ve seen worse ads inside of many freeware programs.

    1. To try and monetize freeware is understandable. M$ charges and arm and a leg for their crapware and then still has the gall to monetize it?!

  5. There is a simple solution. Ditch Windows, whichever version you’re using, and start using BSD or Linux.

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