Microsoft Confirms 21H1 Windows 10 Update

21h1 Windows 10 Update Featured

With many of us spend much of our day on our computers and devices, updates can be exciting. Unfortunately, it seems the upcoming 21H1 Windows 10 update will be a minor one. However, it’s believed it’s setting up for the fall update to be its biggest in years.

21H1 Windows 10 Update

Windows Hardware Certification published a blog post where it confirmed the first major Windows 10 update for 2021, 21H1. It’s set to be released this spring.

The Windows Insider team hasn’t mentioned anything yet about 21H1. This is the team that releases Windows beta versions. However, the aforementioned blog post indicated that Microsoft would follow tradition and have two major Windows 10 updates in 2021.

21h1 Windows 10 Update Tabletop

This seems to back up longstanding rumors that the spring update would bring mostly minor changes. It’s also believed the fall 2021 Windows 10 update will be more significant. This update has been code-named “Sun Valley.”

Windows Central reported that the 21H1 Windows 10 update is far enough along that it could soon be moving on to the Beta and Release Preview channels. This indicates it’s ahead of schedule for a May 2021 release. Microsoft recently finished testing the update internally.

Expected Windows 10 Changes

Like last year’s 20H1 update, the 21H1 Windows 10 update won’t be worth ticking down the days on the calendar until its release. The changes are believed to be minor and will include refreshed icons, updated settings pages, and tweaks to Cortana as well as the search box.

21h1 Windows 10 Update Search

If you’re looking for excitement, you’ll have to wait for Sun Valley. These changes are said to include a “visual rejuvenation” that will include a new floating Start Menu and a tablet mode with touch capabilities.

It’s also believed that the later update could branch out in different directions. Typical laptops and tablets would be running either 21H1 or Sun Valley. New lightweight Windows 10X devices will be earmarked for education and enterprise.

This is a change of plans brought on by the global health crisis. While the Windows 10X devices were going to be dual-screen, they will now be single-screen because of the new emphasis on remote learning.

Are you looking forward to the 21H1 Windows 10 update or Sun Valley? Let us know in the comments below.

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