Microsoft Bug Allows Unsupported PCs to Upgrade to Windows 11

Some lucky Windows users found out they weren't so lucky.

Windows 11 Update Unsupported Pcs Featured

Windows 11 leaves those with older systems in the dust. This is what made it confusing this week when these machines were suddenly offered the newest build. Microsoft was quick to jump in and explain that it was just a bug that allowed unsupported PCs to upgrade to Windows 11. Owners of these systems are not simply lucking out, however.

Early Reports of Unsupported PCs Getting Upgrade

The Windows 11 22H2 update was offered earlier this week to Windows 11 Insiders in the Release Preview channel. However, not everyone in that channel has a supported PC. These folks were quite surprised to get the update offer. Further, if unsupported PCs tried to upgrade to Windows 11, it went through.

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Reports started popping up on Twitter and Reddit that the strict requirements of Windows 11 seemed to be loosened, allowing unsupported PCs to get the update. It was thought that Microsoft must be relaxing its requirements.

These requirements include a minimum of an 8th gen Intel Core CPU or AMD Ryzen 3000 series CPU. PCs must also have support for Secure Boot, TPM 2.0, and other security features. It breaks down to most PCs released in 2016 or earlier simply don’t have what it takes. Microsoft has explained that Windows 11 will be more reliable on newer systems with more advanced security features.

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Once your PC begins getting the Windows 11 updates, you’re usually in like Fynn. But Microsoft just doesn’t offer updates to systems that can’t support them.

You may be thinking anyone with an unsupported PC simply lucked out to receive Windows 11 build 22621 this week, but that’s not the case.

Microsoft Admits to Bug

Microsoft was quick to jump on these early reports of older machines receiving the updates.

The Windows Insider Program account tweeted in response to the Twitter reports, “It’s a bug, and the right team is investigating it. Thanks for notifying.”

Another tweet explained, “The requirements have not changed. We’re looking into the scenario. Thank you for sharing!”

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But it doesn’t end there for those who were allowed the accidental updates. Owners of unsupported PCs who were able to download the Windows 11 22H2 update have only 10 days to use the built-in recovery tools to roll their systems back to Windows 10.

If these systems aren’t rolled back, users will have to do a clean install of Windows 10, losing all their data in the process. So enjoy Windows 11 for a few days, then make sure you get rid of it.

Read on to learn about the watermark that landed on the unsupported machines of users who tried to install beta and preview versions of Windows 11.

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