Microsoft and Backberry Offering Cash Incentives to App Developers

Make no mistake about it. It’s a war out there. The tech giants for desktop and mobile platforms are ready to fight for their piece of the market. In what seems like a move to try and beat Apple and Android, both Microsoft and RIM are offering cash incentives to app developers.

Microsoft has begun a program where they are promising $100 for each newly published app that’s submitted for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Developers can submit up to ten apps for each platform, meaning they can make up to $2000.

Microsoft isn’t alone. RIM Blackberry is also offering a cash incentive to developers of apps for the Blackberry 10. Their offer is definitely more enticing. They are guaranteeing apps will make $10,000 in the first year, and if they don’t, they’ll cut the developer a check for the difference. However, the Terms and Conditions state that the app has to be of a certain quality and it has to make at least $1,000 to qualify.


Of course there is only one reason for Microsoft and RIM offering cash incentives to the developers. The big knock against Blackberry 10 and the Windows Phone is that, at least initially, developers aren’t in a race to make apps for the platforms. They would rather make apps for Android and Apple where they will get “more bang for the buck.”

It becomes a vicious circle with users staying away from the newer platforms just because they know there won’t be as many apps offered. For these newer platforms, they have to generate some movement somewhere, so they are offering the developers these cash incentives, hoping they will bite and create the apps, and the users will then flock to the new systems to check them out. Developers are apparently taking the bait at RIM Blackberry, as they’ve already closed the offer.


It’s the technology version of the Field of Dreams’ “If you build it, they will come.” However, there is still another large reason for users to not jump on the the Windows Phone and Blackberry 10 bandwagon. Many smartphone users already have a favorite platform. They already have years built up in being iPhone and Android users. If they’re happy with these platforms, why would they start over just because they have some new apps?

Time will tell how Microsoft and RIM Blackberry offering cash incentives to app developers will pan out. It seems unlikely for Windows Phone and Blackberry 10 to be able to make up so much ground that they overtake Android and the iPhone, no matter what incentives are made to the developers.

What do you think? Are you likely to switch platforms because of new, exciting apps or are you likely to stay put with your current phone? Let us know in the comments below.

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

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