Merge Multiple Finder Windows Into One via a Keyboard Shortcut in OS X Mavericks

Merge Multiple Finder Windows Into One via a Keyboard Shortcut in OS X Mavericks

OS X Mavericks introduced some great new features, including tabs in Finder. There may be times though, when you prefer to use multiple Finder windows, instead of just a single Finder windows with tabs.

In cases like this, you may also want to quickly get all of those windows out of the way and merge them into just one Finder Window. This can be done by going to Finder’s “Window” menu and selecting “Merge All Windows.”

You can merge multiple Finder windows from the 'Window' menu.

While this is great, you may want an even quicker method: a keyboard shortcut. You can easily set a keyboard shortcut to merge multiple Finder windows into one by doing the following:

1. Open System Preferences and click on Keyboard.

2. Click on the “Shortcuts” tab.

3. Click on “App Shortcuts” in the left column and then click on the “plus” button to add a new shortcut.

4. In the Application menu, choose Finder.

5. For the Menu Title use “Merge All Windows.”

Follow these steps to create a keyboard shortcut in OS X Mavericks to merge multiple Finder windows.

6. Click in the Keyboard Shortcut box and enter an unused keyboard combination to be used as the keyboard shortcut.

7. Click on “Add” and close out System Preferences.

Now any time you have multiple Finder windows open, you can use your keyboard shortcut to merge them. Be sure to try out your new custom keyboard shortcut to make sure it works.

via OS X Daily

Charnita Fance
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