How to Merge Duplicate Contacts on an Android Device

If you have a lot of contacts saved on your Android device, chances are some of them are duplicate contacts. A duplicate contact is the one that exists more than one time on your device, containing the same, or in some cases, different information. It is a good practice to regularly remove  or merge such redundant contact entries on your device. While the contacts that are duplicates can also be manually detected, a more efficient and faster way would be to utilize an app or a service that does the job for you. Here are a few ways you can find and remove/merge duplicate contacts on an Android device.

Using Google Contacts

If you save all of your contacts right in your Google account, i.e., you sync them with your Google account, then you can use the Google Contacts web service to help you merge duplicate contacts. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Go to the Google Contacts webpage using any of your web browsers. If you are not logged in, do so first.

2. The contacts page lists out all the contacts you have saved with your Google account. There are a number of operations you can perform on these contacts. The one that we are going to use can be found by clicking “More” followed by “Find & merge duplicates.”


3. When it has finished searching, it will show you the duplicates it has found. Now if you would like to merge all of these contacts, just hit the “Merge” button given beneath the list.


4. After the merging is done, you should be all set.

Awesome! All of your duplicate contacts have now been merged into single entities for you to easily find them when you want.

Another scenario may be that you are not using Google to save your contacts. In such cases, you can use an app that will help you accomplish the task. Here’s how:

Using An App to Merge Contacts

While there are a number of apps that help you find duplicate contacts, the one we are going to use below is called Merge+.

1. Install the Merge+ app from Google Play.

2. Launch the app on your device.

3. The first screen of the app has two options for you to choose from. Tap on the one that says “Find duplicates.” It will then run its magic algorithms to find redundant contact entries for you.


4. Instead of showing duplicates on the main screen, it shows them right in your notification bar. Just pull down the notification bar and tap the notification generated by the app.


5. You can now select which contacts to be merged. Just tap on the contacts you want to merge and hit “Merge.”


6. It will then do its job to merge all of the contacts you selected above.

You are all done. All of the duplicate contact entries have now been merged and you no longer have any redundant contact data on your device.


Having double contacts of the same person does not only occupy more of your memory space, but it becomes difficult for you to find them when you really want to send them a message or give them a call. Merging solves this issue for you!

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