3 Free Memory Improvement Apps for Android

5 Free Memory Improvement Apps

Where were you two days ago at 2 pm? When was the last time you ate rice? Let’s try something recent – where are your house keys right now? If you have answered, “I don’t know” to at least two of these questions, it is time to improve your memory with these memory improvement apps for Android.

1. How to Improve Memory

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The How to Improve Memory app is more of a reading app. The app offers various easy-to-use chapters with activities you can try every day. Chapter One of the app tells you how memory is gained through Acquisitions, Consolidations of Memories, and Retrieval. Chapter Three gives us examples of word games we can use to try and remember things. For example, it mentions how musicians use the phrase “Every good boy does fine” in order to remember the lines of the treble staff. Thanks to tips like this, remembering the notes E, G, B, D is made easier.

2. Luminosity

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I couldn’t leave the great Luminosity app out. With this app you will not only improve your memory but other parts of your mind as well.

You will train your memory with games such as Memory Matrix, Memory Match, Memory Match Overdrive, Pinball Recall and Tidal Tressures. To train your attention span you can play games such as Train of Thought, Lost in Migration, Playing Koi, Star Search and Trouble Brewing. The app also provides the same amount of games to train your flexibility, speed and problem-solving.

The app allows you to finish five training sessions free of charge, but if you want to unlock more games you will need to purchase the app. You can either pay $9.99 for a year, $6.99 for six months or $4.99 for three months.

3. NeuroNation


Next up we have NeuroNation – Brain Training. This app has a 4.5 rating on Google Play, so it is safe to say that the majority of its users are happy with it.

With this app, you get twenty-three exercises to improve your memory, concentration, and intelligence. You can play games such as Trail Tracker where you will have to follow the path and tap on the destination. Just imagine that you are moving the orange circle in the direction desired, and tap where you think it will end up. Path Finder Reverse is another game you can play; here you need to memorize the route in the reverse order of the connections.

NeuroNation gives you the opportunity to create your training plan so you can train at your pace. Do you need more convincing this app works? The app´s exercises were designed with the help of recognized neurologists.


These memory improvement apps will help when you find yourself forgetting what you had for lunch yesterday. They also help you with other essential everyday skills such as multi-tasking and concentration. Remember that the brain is like a muscle, and it needs ¨to go the gym” to stay sharp and quick. So, do you remember where you put your keys?

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