How to Measure the Distance Between Two Points in Google Maps

When checking out a location in Google Maps, there are times where you want to know the distance between two points, such as from your current position to the destination. The distance-measuring feature can come in handy since it can help you decide whether you walk or take the car to your destination. Google Maps can also help you pinpoint the distance between various destinations and give you the grand total without having to install an additional app.

How to See the Distance Between One or More Places in Google Maps [Android]

Open Google Maps on your Android device, and either use your current location or type one in. You can also long-press on an area until the red balloon appears.


When Google Maps gives you information on the address you typed, it will appear at the bottom. Tap on it, and it will take up your entire display. You should see a ruler with the words “Measure Distance” to the right of it.

A black circle will appear with a few blue dots. If you swipe your finger to the right on your display, the dots will move to the left. Place the black circle where you want to go, and the distance will appear at the bottom-left of your display.

There is also a way to measure the distance between various points. You can do this by tapping on the “Add point” option at the bottom right. After you’ve measured the distance between point A and point B, tap on this option and place the black circle on the third location, and the sum of all the points you decide to add will appear at the bottom.

How to Measure the Distance Between One/Various Points in Google Maps [Desktop]

It’s even easier to measure the distance using the Web version of Google Maps on your desktop browser. To mark point A, right-click on the starting point and choose the “Measure distance” option.


After you click on the Measure distance option, it will be marked with a black circle. You can choose as many additional destinations as you want. You only need to click on the destination, and you can see the distance in the last placed you clicked.


How to Measure the Distance Between One/Various Points  with Google Maps [iOS]


Measuring the distance between two points in iOS is identical to how you do it on your Android device. You can long-press on the location, or you can type it in. When the red balloon appears, tap on the information about the location at the bottom of your display.

On your iOS device you will see the same blue ruler with the words “measure distance.” Tap on it and slowly swipe across your display until the black circle is on the second location. The measurement will be at the bottom as well. If you want to measure more than one location, tap on the “add location” text in blue at the bottom right.


Sometimes you can get so caught up in using the main features on an app that you can forget that it also offers others. Do you think that the distance measuring feature is a useful one?

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