How to Maximize Your iPhone’s Battery

Let’s face it, the very first thing to deteriorate in your iPhone is the battery; it is the most used component of any electronic device. A fully-charged iPhone battery will, at least, last up to 6 hours of continuous usage. However, 6-month old batteries may not have the same performance as the week-old ones. It is a clear indication that the more you use it, the faster it deteriorates. Unfortunately, it will cost you some bucks to buy a new one. But that won’t be a problem if you know how to optimize the use of your battery to prolong its life and extract more juice from it. So here are some steps you can easily do to maximize the use of your battery.

1. The Auto-Brightness

Apple’s iPhone screen is gorgeously beautiful when it is set to full brightness; you will be able to watch vivid movies or video clips. However, you should know that setting it that way will easily drain your battery. If you are an excessive iPhone user, battery life matters a lot. Thus, it is just logical to reduce or set to auto-brightness.

Settings -> Brightness

iPhone Auto Brightness

Since iPhone has an ambient light sensor, it will automatically adjust the brightness of its screen depending on the light it detects around it. If you are in a brighter place, the screen turns a bit to save battery.

2. Turn Off 3G Function

iPhone 3G and later models – including iPhone 4 – operate in two cellular networks; 3G and EDGE. Among the two, 3G offers a much faster connectivity but requires more battery juice. If you get used to receiving or making high-quality calls and/or high-speed internet browsing, then it could be very difficult for you to go slower with EDGE. However, you are not using 3G network most of the time, especially when you are at work, meeting or any gatherings which do not require you to use your phone. It is, thus, practical to turn 3G off when you are not using it.

Settings -> General -> Network

iPhone Turn Off 3G

3. Turn Wi-Fi Off

WiFi is faster than 3G and it is commonly used to connect to the internet. However, it is not available everywhere like its counterpart. Let it become a habit to turn or keep WiFi off if you are not using it because once it’s turned on, your iPhone automatically searches for available network to connect. Thus, it drains the battery faster.

Settings -> WiFi

iPhone Turn Off WiFi

Turn it on whenever you are ready to connect to the Internet but don’t forget to turn it off thereafter.

4. Turn Off Bluetooth

I understand how convenient it is to use wireless headsets and earpieces; I even use them more often. Using them requires your iPhone to transmit data wirelessly which also drains the battery faster. Practically, it would be better to turn it off if you are not using it because iPhone never stops transmitting data if it’s left on.

Settings -> General -> Bluetooth

5. Set Auto-Lock Sooner

When your iPhone is active, it uses more battery than when it is sleeping. I’m sure you are aware that your iPhone automatically goes to sleep after some time of being idle – this is what we call Auto-Lock. Logically, auto-lock is added to save iPhone’s battery when it’s not being used. Therefore, use such function and let it do its job. Try to auto-lock sooner to save even more battery; let’s say set it to hibernate after a minute or two.

Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock

6. Email Fetching

If you are really serious about saving your iPhone’s battery, then set it to fetch email less often. The more it uses the network, the faster the battery is drained because aside from the applications that your iPhone uses, it lets the hardware for network connectivity to connect, transmit and receive data – email fetching is just one of them.

Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> Fetch New Data

You can even do a manual fetching every hour to squeeze even more juice from your battery.

7. Turn Location Services Off

The built-in GPS in your iPhone is one of the coolest things to help you know the where exactly you are; this is very helpful when you are driving because it’ll give you exact directions. Other apps work hand-in-hand with it to help you locate restaurants, hotels and parking lots basing on your current location. Cool, right? But it also uses the network to send and receive data. Above all, you will not be driving or traveling far enough to let leave it on. Thus, it is just practical to turn and keep it off unless situations demand it.

Settings -> General -> Location Services

The Bottom Line

These things may not be new to you especially if you have been using iPhone for a long time already. Just for the benefit of those who just got their first iPhone that I decided to bring this topic up. But here’s the fact, overusing the battery of your iPhone will also shorten its lifespan. We are talking about short-term and long-term benefits here.

I hope that you may find this resource helpful. Also, for new iPhone users, you can check iPhone Category to find other tutorials. You can jailbreak, unlock or make your iPhone secure.


  1. turn off your iphone.

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  2. What’s the point of having an iPhone if this is the way to save battery.
    Apple should have thought about battery life before making the iPhone.

    1. Apple DOES push the envelope with their R&D for batteries. The title of this post is “How to MAXIMIZE Your iPhone’s Battery”, like, how to make it last even longer???

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