Learn to Become a Master Photographer 2017 Bundle

The art of photography hasn’t changed one bit, but technology has certainly changed the techniques that are used. To keep up with the latest in this art, you need the Learn to Become a Master Photographer 2017 Bundle. Through these courses you’ll learn about using Adobe Photoshop to retouch photos and work with color grading, using a DSLR camera, taking landscape and night photos, creating your own photography business, and of course, taking a great selfie.

The following eight apps are included in this bundle.

Professional Retouching Course in Photoshop – It’s impossible to create the perfect photo every time, and that’s why you need to learn how to retouch your images in Photoshop. You’ll learn about dodge and burn, will get educated in the best tools to use for retouching skin and hair, and will discover how to work with lights and shadows as well as with colors.

Mastering Advanced Color Grading in Photoshop – Make your images stand out with proper color grading techniques. You’ll learn how to clean up portraits using dodge and burn, use the most effective adjustment layers for color grading, work with shadows and highlights, and also utilize different color palettes for street fashion images.

Creative Photography Composition Masterclass 2017 – Of course there’s a relationship between photography and art, and in this course you’ll learn the concepts of objective and subjective beauty within art. You’ll start with a brief history of photography and will then learn about the laws of composition, to see light and control color temperature, to control and capture light, and proper editing techniques.


iPhone Selfie Portrait Photography – Who doesn’t want to be able to take the perfect selfie? Whether you want it for a profile picture or to share it with your friends on social media, quality is still important. In this course you’ll discover how to use natural light for a portrait session, create a social media portrait on an iPhone, use free software such as Snapseed to edit your work, and even how to pose.

Home-Based Photography Studio Business – It’s great to be able to make a living from what you love to do best, and if that happens to be photography, this course will show you how to create your own home-based studio. You’ll discover how to choose a suitable room and set it up to be your studio and to budget for your equipment as well as the photography techniques.

Learn to Use Your DSLR Camera Like a Professional Photographer – Sure it’s easy just to use a point-and-shoot technique on your DSLR camera, but why not learn to keep it in manual mode and choose all the right settings for your art? With this course you’ll master manual mode, exposure, the camera controls, and will also learn how to choose the correct lens.

Landscape Photography – Some of the most beautiful shots taken are landscape photos. This course takes place in Joshua Tree National Park, combining entertainment and education as you learn about the proper gear needed, prepare for a photography outing, learn basic settings, and even how to shoot a panorama with any camera.

Night Photography – Believe it or not, there are tricks involved to capturing the perfect nighttime images. You’ll learn those tricks as well as tips in this course that will teach you about basic camera settings, using a shutter release remote, and creating light trail photos, as well as taking pictures of the stars and the moon.

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Learn to Become a Master Photographer 2017 Bundle

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