Master Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows with KeyRocket

Recently, I shared an easy way to learn your Mac keyboard shortcuts by using the Mac app Hotkey EVE. I love the app so much that I began searching for a similar app for my Windows PC. I’m now more productive on my Macbook Pro, but I wanted to be more productive on my Windows desktop too.

Luckily, I came across KeyRocket, a Windows application that teaches you shortcuts. KeyRocket learns how you work and will show you keyboard shortcuts for actions that you perform regularly with your mouse. Once you’ve learned a shortcut, KeyRocket will stop recommendations for that actions.

Here’s how to get up and started with KeyRocket.

1. Download the Windows application from the KeyRocket website and install it on your computer.

2. Go through the 5-step tour that shows you the basics of KeyRocket. As you’ll see, you can just continue working after installation and KeyRocket will start doing its thing automatically.

Go through the KeyRocket tour.

3. Whenever you want to access KeyRocket’s options or exit, you just click on its icon in the Notification Area. Clicking the icon will also give you access to the Shortcut Browser.

4. The Shortcut Browser lets you see available shortcuts for specific applications on your computer. You can also search for shortcuts, by using the search bar.

5. Clicking on the wrench icon at the top the Shortcut Browser gives you access to a few other options. For instance, you can choose to hide learned shortcuts, and also hide unassigned shortcuts.

Access the Shorcuts Browser to view and search through shortcuts.

6. Unfortunately, I noticed that four of the five applications that you can view shortcuts for are locked; you have to upgrade your KeyRocket account to access all four of them. Those four applications are: Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, and Word.

Unlock one free application in KeyRocket.

7. However, on step 4 of the tour, you can choose to unlock one of those four applications for free; Windows Explorer will become unlocked once you finish the tour. Luckily for me, I don’t use Microsoft Office; I use LibreOffice and Google Docs for my document needs. So, I don’t need any of those other four applications.

Learn the Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts with KeyRocket.

That’s all there is to KeyRocket. You’ll get desktop notifications as you’re going about your daily business and tasks. One of the best things about KeyRocket is that it’s a great way to learn all of the new shortcuts for Windows 8, since there’s so many of them!

Charnita Fance
Charnita Fance

Charnita has been a Freelance Writer & Professional Blogger since 2008. As an early adopter she loves trying out new apps and services. As a Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS user, she has a great love for bleeding edge technology. You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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