Master Facebook Messenger with These Useful Tips

Master Facebook Messenger with These Useful Tips

Facebook is without a doubt the most popular social network there is. Many have tried to compete with the social media giant, but many have failed. The only thing all other potential competitors can do is try to stay as close as possible to Facebook to not end up like MySpace. (It took me a few seconds to try and remember the name.)

The same thing applies for Facebook Messenger, and if you already love it, you will be completely in love with it after discovering the tips and tricks every Messenger fan should know about.

Did You Know Facebook Messenger Has a Website?

Whenever you feel like chatting with someone while you’re on your computer, you probably go to and chat from there, right? The problem with that is that you can easily get distracted with just about anything. If the only thing that you want to do is get in touch with someone (maybe to get a phone number or some info) and not be tempted to update your profile, going to is the answer.

You Don’t Need a Facebook Account to Use Messenger


It makes sense to think that to use Facebook Messenger you’re going to need a Facebook account. The fact is you don’t need to. Anyone with a phone number can access Messenger and its features. Just download the app and choose “Not on Facebook,” and you are good to go.

See Content You Have Shared


If  you regularly share stuff on Messenger, you might not bother to download it to your computer since you know you can find it later in the app. As time goes by, you keep sharing, and when you need a particular picture, it’s lost in the sea of messages and other things.

Instead of scrolling through all of the messages you have sent, hit the menu button on your phone after you have launched the app, and you will end up in Details. Scroll down until you see “Shared Content,” and from there you will only see the stuff you have shared with a particular person without the messages. That’s going to make searching a lot easier.

Play Messenger’s Hidden Basketball Game

You may already know that Facebook has a hidden Chess game, but did you know that it also has a hidden Basketball game for March Madness? This game is only available in the latest version of Messenger, so make sure the app is up to date. Playing is easy: all you have to do is send someone an emoji of a basketball, as in the image below.


Tap on the basketball (don’t long-press), and the game should automatically start.


You won’t be impressed by its graphics, but it will help you kill some time while waiting in line at the store.

Personalize Your Conversations with Colors and Emojis


Would you like to add some color to your conversations or maybe even an emoji? You can easily do this by tapping on your phone’s menu button; you will be taken to details. To change the color of your conversations, tap on color. To add a main emoji, tap on Emoji and choose the ones you want to see. If you choose the thumbs up emoji, you can make it bigger by long-pressing on it.


If you send the emoji in the image above, the conversation automatically fills up with hearts.


Create Group Shortcut

If there is a group of people you always talk to, wouldn’t it be great if you could access that group without so many taps? Thank goodness that you can create a shortcut to your favorite group. All you have to do is:

  • Open Facebook Messenger
  • Go to Groups Tab


  • Tap on the three vertical dots on the right side of the group image
  • Select Crate Shortcut


As you can see, Facebook Messenger is full of surprises and great features for you to enjoy using the great app. Did we miss any hidden secrets on Messenger? Let us know in the comments.