Masione Multi-Color LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard Review

Looking for an affordable gaming keyboard with anti-ghosting, several backlight options, and multimedia keys? The Masione multi-color LED backlight gaming keyboard may be right up your alley. It includes all of these features and won’t put a huge dent in your wallet. Plus, it works great as a regular desktop keyboard as well.

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What’s in the Box

When you open the box, you’ll find just one thing: the keyboard. There isn’t a guide or instruction manual, but as with most basic computer keyboards, one isn’t really needed.


Set Up and Usage

This is a USB wired keyboard, so you’ll need an available USB port to use it. It’s mostly a plug-and-play experience from there. There’s no real setup needed besides choosing your preferred backlight color (out of the seven available). You can do this by pressing the “automatic color change” button (between the “FN” and right “Ctrl” key) to cycle through the colors. Unfortunately, there isn’t an option to have a multicolor effect (for those who may not able to decide on just one color); you can have just one color at a time.


Once you have chosen a color, you can adjust the brightness of the keyboard by pressing the “FN” key along with the “Pg Up” or “Pg Dn” button. There are three levels of brightness: high, medium, low. If you would like to turn the backlight off, you can press “FN” and “Pg Dn” four times to turn if off.


Overall, the keyboard gives a smooth typing experience. The keys can be a little loud at times (especially when typing fast) due to the floating, mechanical-like design of the keys (this one is considered “half mechanical”). However, it’s not as loud as a truly mechanical keyboard, which is great if the extremely loud clicking sound of mechanical keyboards bothers you and you want a quieter option. The floating keys also make it much easier to clean the keyboard since they pop right off.


When using the keyboard for regular browsing and computer usage, it’s nice to have the twelve media keys on the top row. I’ve seen many gaming keyboards without this (I have one of my own, and I do miss them), and it can be a huge inconvenience. For gaming purposes, you can press up to nineteen keys at once (anti-ghosting) without issue. This allows for quick and accurate key combinations.

Final Thoughts

The Masione gaming keyboard has a nice, sleek design. It doesn’t take up a lot of desk space and is very effective in the dark. I especially like the look of the keys from the side; the LED backlight shines through the bottom of the keyboard quite nicely. It’s also important to note that the LED backlight stays on as long as your computer is awake. Once your computer goes to sleep or you turn it off, the lights go off.


I will admit that this may not be the best gaming keyboard simply because it doesn’t have any special gaming features that make it stand out – besides the nineteen-key anti-ghosting. If that’s all you really require along with the LED backlight, of course, then this is a great choice. I also think it’s great for regular computer usage and is perfect for those who do a lot of work at night in a lowlit or dark room.

Charnita Fance
Charnita Fance

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