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Markdown is meant to make writing for the Web as simple as possible. It allows you to create plain text documents without having to worry about HTML tags. With the high penetration of mobile phones in our life, it’s probably no surprise that there are many people looking to write/type in markdown on their phones. Here we look specifically at some of the best Markdown editors available for Android.

1. Markor

Markor is a solid Markdown text editor with a tabbed interface. Users have the choice of using it with either a dark or light theme. It also works completely offline.

Markdown Text Editor Markor1

The tabs are Files, To-Do, Quicknote, and More. With the Files tab, you will be able to view, browse, and select files for viewing and editing. To-Do lets you create to-do lists. Here you can do things like check off completed items, add categories and tags, set the priority for tasks, and even attach links, files, images, and audio. As the name suggests, Quicknote lets you quickly jot down important information. The More tab lets you access things like the option to rate the app and the app settings.

2. iA Writer

Admittedly, you will be missing out on some nice features if you don’t purchase the paid version of iAWriter. However, you will still have access to some decent features even with the free version. These include being able to create Markdown files without much fuss. Another neat feature is that there is a private folder (Device (Private)) that you can use to store Markdown files that can only be accessed from within iAWriter.

Markdown Text Editor Iawriter1 1

There is also a public folder (Device (Public)) that is accessible by other apps on your Android device. You have the option of opening Markdown files in other locations since there is a file browser within the app. In the paid version you can sync to Google Drive and Dropbox and even collaborate online. You will also have access to Night Mode, Focus Mode, and a word count feature in the paid version.

3. JotterPad

Like iAWriter, you will have to upgrade to the paid version of JotterPad in order to enjoy the full capabilities of this app. With the free version, you will be able to easily create and edit Markdown files. You can also change the appearance of the text and enable an extended keyboard.

Markdown Text Editor Jotterpad

In addition, you can see details like word count, paragraph count, character count, and also the time it will take to read the text. You’ll also be able to share your Markdown file. With the paid version, you will have features like version control. This allows you to access snapshots across the timeline of your work. This is useful in case you want to revert to an earlier version of your document. With the paid version, you will also have access to typewriter scrolling and a dark theme.

4. Writer Plus

Markdown Text Editor Writer Plus

Writer Plus is a Markdown app that gets straight to the point. You can quickly edit your text and will have access to night mode and a word count feature. There is also the options to change the styling of the text and share your Markdown file.

5. Markdown

Markdown Text Editor Markdown App

Markdown (no longer available) is another simple app. It’s actually quite minimalist. It gets straight to the point of editing Markdown files. You have the choice of enabling dark mode and autosave. You can also share your files. There is also an experimental readability highlighting feature that will alert you to any readability issues with your text.

Final Thoughts

The Markdown editors for Android that are listed above are some of the best you should try, though there are many more in the Play Store. You should also check out this list of markdown editors for Linux if you are a Linux user. Or if you prefer a simple note-taking app, here are the best for every platform.

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