Top 5 Minimal Markdown Editors for Android

Top 5 Minimal Markdown Editors for Android

Once you go Markdown, you don’t go back. Once you’re used to using these intuitive text shortcuts for formatting text, you really can’t get used to a GUI-based word processor (like MS Word). But what happens when you’re away from your PC and want to continue writing in Markdown?

If you’re an Android user, all it takes is downloading an app. And you have a couple of great ones to choose from.


JotterPad is and oldie but goodie. For me, it was one of the first fully-featured Markdown editors that I didn’t mind looking at.

JotterPad uses a clean design language and has a couple of themes to quickly switch between (plus a dark mode). The feature list is quite long: extended keyboard, built-in dictionary, Dropbox integration, easy sharing and a lot more.

The app is free, but if you want things like Word format export, Markdown preview, syntax highlighting and more, you’ll have to upgrade to the $4.99 Get Creative package.


iA Writer is a stark contrast to JotterPad. It doesn’t get much more minimal than this. All you’ll want to do with iA Writer is add a Dropbox account (if you want) and then just start writing in Markdown.

iA Writer has little touches to make your writing experience better like swiping left to preview, swiping right to file manager, exporting to PDF, and a beautiful Focus mode. iA Writer is the only app here that’s not free up front. But if you write in Markdown on your phone, it’s totally worth the $1.99.


Monospace is the new kid on the block, and while it’s in beta it’s free to use. It’s stable enough to be your default note-taking app.

The app is really simple. You have a monospace font (hence the name), Dropbox support and the ability to easily format any text you highlight.


If you’ve ever wanted to start a journal on your Android phone (or on your desktop), just get Journey and get started. It’s one of the best examples of Material Design apps.

As you might have guessed already, Journey is a journal app and not a native Markdown writing app. In fact, the free version of Journey doesn’t even support Markdown. You’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version to get Markdown support.

But if you like writing in a journal, you’ll surely appreciate Markdown formatting shortcuts for quickly formatting your journal text.


If you like vanilla Markdown and you’re a fan of vanilla Material Design, MarkdownX is for you. The app follows Material Design to a tee and provides lots of shortcuts for quickly formatting the text.

The usual things like Dropbox support, auto-save, export to text/HTML are all here.

Do you take notes using Markdown on your phone? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Nice collection of apps. Do you know of any markdown application that supports images. I used to use ema personal wiki. It supported markdown and images. It also synced with Dropbox. I don’t think the developer is actively maintaining it though.

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