Learn More Effectively with MarginNote Pro for Mac

Trying to remember everything we’ve read can be difficult, especially if it’s part of a learning process. But we’re not always taking advantage of technology to help us learn, as we should. MarginNote Pro for Mac can help us do that. It will simplify the learning process to make it easier for everyone including students, teachers, researchers, and lawyers, along with anyone else who has the need to organize, study, and cram PDFs and EPUBs. This tool will enable you to take notes, create mind maps and flashcards, and more, making it easier to commit your newfound information to knowledge.

  • Easily highlight and annotate sections of text
  • Take and embed notes in the margins of EPUBs
  • Create hybrid notes that include voice, handwriting, images, hashtags, and web content
  • Outline and mindmap study materials and organize it all with figure gestures
  • Organize resources into logical or creative views
  • Search through hashtags among your notes or within a book
  • Create flashcards from highlighted text and notes
  • Export to Anki, iThoughts, MindManager, OmniOutliner, and Evernote
  • Sync notes to Dropbox and Evernote or entire books to iCloud

Learn more efficiently at 50% off for less than $25.

MarginNote Pro for Mac

Bonus: MEEM Memory Cable


Are all of your cables and phone accessories in a tangled mess in your drawer? You can eliminate some of that mess with this two-in-one MEEM Memory Cable. You’ll be able to back up your phone data while you charge it. Every time you plug your phone into the charger, it allows you to back it up while also restoring your battery to 100%. With the average phone user having 1.94GB of data that needs to be backed up, you need the MEEM cable to keep it all safe.

  • Back up data and charge your phone simultaneously
  • Save contacts, calendar entries, texts, music, photos, videos, and more
  • Transfer data at a speed of up to 4 MBPS

Get this two-in-one memory cable for just $59.99.

MEEM Memory Cable

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