Learn More Effectively with MarginNote Pro for Mac

Because of the advancement in technology, we have several different ways to learn, be it through traditional notes, mind maps, flashcards, e-books, etc. Getting the information isn’t tough, but retaining it and committing it to memory can be. That’s where MarginNote Pro for Mac can be helpful. It simplifies the learning process for everyone – students, teachers, researchers, etc. – to make your learning process more efficient. It helps you organize, study, and manage large volumes of PDFs and EPUBs and allows you to take notes, create mind maps, be tested with flashcards, etc., all in one place.


  • Highlight and annotate important information easily
  • Add notes to margins and embed them on EPUBs
  • Create hybrid notes that include voice, handwriting, pictures, hashtags, and web content
  • Outline and create mind maps for books and study materials
  • View and organize a note’s hierarchy with finger gestures
  • Organize your resources into logical or creative views
  • Search for hashtags throughout your notes or within a book
  • Create flashcards from highlights and notes for review
  • Export to Anki, iThoughts, MindManage, OmniOutliner, and Evernote
  • Sync your notes with Dropbox and Evernote or entire books with iCloud

Get started now for just $24.99.

MarginNote Pro for Mac

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