Managing Windows StartUp Items With Chameleon

Several of the most troublesome problems that Windows users face – viruses, trojans, bloated softwares – reside in the start up items. So it would be logical that we should watch all the citizen of StartUp Menu carefully.

Unfortunately, those annoying programs have an amazing initiative to add themselves to list of start up items. On the other side, selecting which items that can and can not load at Windows start up is not as easy as saying it.

We need a help from a start up manager to do that, and one of the best out there is Chameleon Start Up Manager.

The Lite Bouncer

I don’t know why, but this little app reminds me of a club bouncer who stand guard in front of the cool club and selecting which ones of the people standing in line who could get in and which ones should hit the road home.

There are three versions of the app, the free Lite one and the non-free Standard and Pro ones. If you want to know the differences between the three versions, you can find their list of features on the developer’s website,. For everyday computer users, the lite one should be sufficient.

For the first time users, the interface of Chameleon StartUp Manager might look a little bit too hectic. But you have everything you need there.


The main view in the middle is the list of things which load when the Windows starts. Users can quickly stop any items from starting up with Windows by checking/unchecking the boxes on the left side of the list.


The alternative way to stop any item is by hovering the mouse over the item. A pop-up toolbar with buttons will show. Choose the Stop button to stop the item, or Remove button to completely remove the item.


The Settings button will give users more possible actions. But most of the options are only available in the Standard/Pro version.


To get more Options, users could dig deeper to the Preferences menu (Options -> Preferences or combination of Ctrl + I keys).


For those who really pay attention to appearance, there are several themes available from the Options -> Themes menu.


Find Out More About any startup items

But the coolest thing about this app is the ability to find more info about the start up items. Windows users know too well that the naming process of most of these items doesn’t use human logic. Everybody can guess what iTunesHelper is and what it does. But what about Alcmtr or Ifgx?

Chameleon makes it easy for users to find out more about those items and what exactly they do. Just select one item and then click the “Find a detailed description on the internet” button.


Alternatively, user can click the More button from the pop-up toolbar and choose Find –> Find in from the pop-up menu.


With complete information at hand, users then can decide whether to keep or ditch the items.

Have you used Chameleon Startup Manager? Do you know other alternatives? Share using the comment below.

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