Managing Your Passwords in Android

Keeping track of all your passwords is a pain, unless you have only one password for all your accounts. Managing your passwords on a mobile device is even worse because of the small form factor and inflexible keyboard. If you are using a Android device, here are several applications that can help you manage your passwords and make your life easier.


Lastpass is probably one of the best solutions for keeping track of your passwords. The reason being is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. Be it your Android phone, Firefox, Google Chrome or the web, you have the same access and ability to launch websites no matter where you are. By logging into the Lastpass application, you can search for a specific URL, see your secured notes (such as credit card information) or even have the username and password for a site copied to your notification bar.


Lastpass is a paid Android application with a 14 day free trial  to see how you like it. This is one of those applications is well worth the $12 a year it costs. If you’d like to sync your bookmarks as well there’s a package deal with Xmarks.

Lastpass for Android 

Dolphin browser with Lastpass

Users of the Dolphin browser have a plug-in that allows you to access and input your passwords from Lastpass directly into Dolphin. Instead of using the Lastpass browser or having Lastpass start the built in Android browser, you can open up a URL in Dolphin and simply use the Lastpass plugin to seamlessly log into any of your online accounts.


Lastpass for Dolphin 


Firefox users have a couple different options and storing passwords. You can use an add-on such as the Lastpass add-on which works much the same way as the Dolphin browser add-on. Additionally, you can also use Firefox sync. Firefox sync will sync your passwords and tabs over any device, including your Android. While the browser password storage isn’t the best secure option out there, it makes sure that you have access to your password regardless you are on the desktop or mobile.


Firefox for Android 

aWallet Password Manager

aWallet Password Manager is a stand-alone application for Android devices. The first thing you’ll notice about aWallet is there no ads. This is pretty cool considering is a completely free application and they aren’t even trying to sell you additional services the whole time you’re using aWallet. Some of the noteworthy features of aWallet are having the application lock after a set amount of time and being able to export all of the stored information to a CSV file.


Another unique feature is being able to create your own custom categories. Most of the password keepers have set categories and you have to best determine which of your login credentials going to which category, not with aWallet. You can create as many of your own categories as you would like to make organization easier for you.

aWallet Password Manager


Some people are not comfortable having all of their passwords stored on some random company’s servers somewhere in the cloud. KeePass is an open source password management app for almost every platform out there. KeePassDroid works by using a KeePass file created on the desktop app. By saving the heavily encrypted database file from the KeePass desktop app to your Dropbox or other cloud storage space, you can open, edit and use all of your passwords from your Android.


One of the most unique features of KeePass/KeePassDroid is the setting to have the passwords expire. Having an expiration date on the passwords is a great reminder to change your passwords regularly to make it more difficult for anyone to gain access to your online accounts.


Final thoughts

Having secure passwords in this day and age is extremely important especially if you use a lot of web applications and cloud services. keep in mind not all password managers are created equal.  When choosing a password manager for your Android device, make sure the company is reputable and you trust them.  Do a little research and possibly even pay for an application. Your online identity is worth it.

Trevor Dobrygoski
Trevor Dobrygoski

Trevor is a freelance writer covering topics ranging from the Android OS to free web and desktop applications. When he is not writing about mobile productivity, He is coaching and playing the world's greatest game... Soccer.

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