Manage Your Money Easily With My Money

In a world where keeping track of your financial information can be a hectic task, now you can thank someone for dreaming up and putting into use this innovative solution: My Money. My Money is a modern way for common individuals or businesses to manage their online banking statements with a simple few clicks! All this seemingly complex yet simple system does is download your transactions from the bank web site and automatically insert into your My Money software.

There are endless possibilities with my money. One can take a diversified account and manage it the way they like to by efficiently and effectively organizing their financial data. You can finally afford the luxury of simplifying your taxes and growing your net worth, all for a small FREE fee.

my money screenshot

My money gives you the option of organizing your financial records by instantly eliminating errors. You’re able to categorize your business expenses, taxes, and budgeting automatically. You don’t need an accountant to charge you hundreds of dollars to do this manual labor when My Money can do it all for you, it even works as if it were your own personal accountant only better because it finds and fixes your mistakes. You can convert your reports into PDF, OpenDocument, or Microsoft Excel formats giving you the ability to share, send, or save your documents for future reference. It works with all US and Canadian Bank statements as well as your able to sync it with Microsoft Money and Quicken files.

With My Money you can take control of your privacy and data security by being reassured with local SQL data base storage. With the latest build you have added support for Pending Transactions, added maintenance, automated data backup solutions, performance gains, and the support for in-depth languages.

My Money Critique:

The user interface is very nice and well organized (as the function of the software itself), I liked the speed and performance of the software. The only things I would like for them to fix would be to conceive a way for the program to immediately open a new transaction entry to begin filling in right after completing a previous transaction. Another thing is I don’t think an individual (as I don’t) would enter all of the transactions on the current date, since there will be those transactions you wish to enter that have occurred on an earlier date, however this program automatically sets the date to the default time (current) consequently you have to keep changing the date and the time back and forth.

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