Manage Your Hard Drive Usage With WinDirStat

WinDirStat is a disk statistic viewer and cleanup tool for all variants of Windows OS. What makes this open-source software different from the rest is that you can delete and remove unwanted files right inside the program. Most disk usage analyzers only allow you to view the file size and the percentage of the hard drive it occupied, but WinDirStat allows you to do more than that. Instead of going to Windows Explorer, find the files and delete it, you can now do it right in the program.

WinDirStat screenshot
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While most of the disk usage analyzers use bar chart and pie graph to display the statistics, WinDirStat uses a treemap (see above image) to display the data. You will see lots of colored rectangles within rectangles. A treemap is a visual representation of the node concept. The biggest rectangle represents the hard drive while the next biggest rectangle within represents the directories. In each of the directory rectangles, there are lot more smaller rectangles that represents the files inside that directory. The bigger the file size, the bigger is the rectangle. The rectangles are coded with color to represent various file formats, for example, blue stands for executable file, while red stands for image files.

In WinDirStat, there are two panels – the top and bottom. The bottom panel shows the treemap while the top panel shows the file path. When you clicked on the rectangle, the top panel automatically navigate to (and highlight) the selected file. You can then decide if you want to delete the file on the top panel.

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