Tweet Place Manages Your Twitter Account While You sleep

One of the things I love about Twitter is the ever-changing flow of new apps and tools being developed continuously. OK, maybe you’ve tried a few and find that they all seem to do the same thing. What if there is a Twitter tool that would manage your account while you sleep?

My Tweet Place is a web app created for the Twitter users that need to manage their community from anywhere. There’s no installation required so you can log in and mange your Twitter anywhere you are. My Tweet Place has multiple accounts functionality so you can link all your various Twitter accounts to My Tweet Place. The app also features everything the Twitter interface does with the bonus of some really great time saving tools.

Sign Up For My Tweet Place

Navigate to the home page and click the Sign Up Free button. Sign in With your Twitter credential and allow the app to access your account.

My Tweet Place Dashboard

This is where you can manage your Twitter accounts.


Just like the main Twitter page, My Tweet Place has a status box in the left sidebar to enter your tweets. You can send them now or click on the Later link to schedule them for another time. Scheduling tweets for intervals of time will keep your feed fresh and build your Klout score while you are resting peacefully.


Just like the Twitter interface, you can add images or video with the links under the status box. As an added bonus, My Tweet Place gives you a built in URL shortener and the ability to translate a tweet to a different language. Having these tools built right into the interface make sending tweets more efficient.

Manage Interactions

From within the My Tweet Place dashboard, you can see your Mentions, Retweets, Inbox, and Sent items, all of which are interactive. Choose to Mention, Reply, Retweet, or Direct Message another user by clicking on the letter for the action you want to take. When you click on the letter, your action will appear in the status box in the left sidebar.


View A User Timeline

If you like to follow a specific user’s tweets, you can easily see those by clicking the “View User’s Timeline” in your Profile section. You can read all of that user’s latest tweets and do the usual Reply, RT, or Direct Message them. In addition to that, within each tweet, you can Favorite the tweet, Add To A List or even Translate the tweet to another language.


Dashboard Tabs

The features in the main dashboard are extremely useful but there are also tabs in the top menu bar that will allow you to customize your experience even further.


If you have multiple Twitter accounts that you need to manage from My Tweet Place, log into the Twitter account you want to link and then click on Accounts. There will be a drop down for you to click and then Allow Access to your Twitter account like you did for the original account.


To send tweets from different Twitter accounts, either select the username from the drop down menu or click on the profile photo of the account.


Manage Followers

You can manage your followers right from this dashboard as well. By clicking on the “Manage” tab in the top menu bar, you’ll be able to contact any of your followers, read their profiles, and even follow or unfollow them. When you click on a user’s name, their profile will appear in the right sidebar profile box. From there, you can read more about them, follow or unfollow, and even view their timeline without even leaving the dashboard!


Within the Manage tab, you can also see who isn’t following you back, view Searches, Lists, and Favorites.


I’ve already shown you a few ways to view timelines in the Manage tab but you can also view timelines in it’s own tab or by using keyboard shortcuts. You have the option to view timelines of the Public, your Friends, Your Own timeline, or Watch A User’s timeline in this tab.



Here’s where we get into the nuts and bolts of managing your Twitter account while you sleep!


Too busy to keep up with new followers and follow them back? Autofollow has you covered. Enabling Autofollow will help you keep your follow/following ratio in check, which again helps build you Klout score and also keeps your Twitter account current.


Manage Scheduled Tweets

There are many apps and online tools that allow you to schedule tweets but having it right here in your dashboard saves time and allows you to manage every aspect of your Twitter life more efficiently. In the Scheduled Tweets tab, you can view all your scheduled Tweets and edit or delete them.



Finding ways to shave time off of tasks is key in today’s fast paced world. One way to cut the time spent on posting new articles to your feed is to set your URL to automatically post to Twitter when it’s published. Simply enter the URL you wish to add to the feeds list and you have one more thing working while you’re sleeping or even on a vacation.


So now you have a new app to experiment with and help you to rest in peace knowing you are not missing anything. Let My Tweet Place handle some of the work for you and see how your Twitter community grows. The steady stream of scheduled tweets, automated following, and all of the time saving features in this Twitter app make it a win-win for me. Let us know what Twitter apps you find helpful or if you’ll take the challenge to try out My Tweet Place!

Jessica Prouty

Jessica is a Support Technician for Cytanium Hosting who loves to teach people how to use modern technology to be more productive and organized. Simple tips, tricks and tools can make anyone computer savvy! You can follow her on Twitter @learningrl or visit her blog at

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