Manage Your Tasks by Priority with Eisenpower [Mac]

Are you familiar with the Eisenhower Matrix? According to TimeGT, it’s one of the simplest tools that can quickly make you a lot better at managing your time. The Eisenhower Matrix, visualized as quadrants, lets you break up your tasks into four different categories: urgent and important, not urgent and important, urgent and not important, not urgent and not important.

Once you understand that, you’ll know why Eisenpower is set up the way it is. Eisenpower is a productivity app for Mac that helps you manage your day-to-day tasks. It’s based on the Eisenhower Matrix and is best used to organize your tasks and to-dos by importance and priority.

With Eisenpower, you get a glimpse of everything you need to get done and you’ll know exactly where your focus needs to go first. It’s a simple, yet effective tool that is sure to make you more productive.

Let’s take a closer look.

Getting Started

Eisenpower is available in the Mac App Store for $4.99. When you open the app for the first time, it will take a minute to set up the iCloud-enabled database. Once that’s complete, you can start adding tasks and to-dos in any of the four categories: do first, schedule, delegate, really.

Eisenpower settings - choose a default task list in the Mac Reminders app.

Since Eisenpower uses the OS X Reminders app to remind you of tasks, there’s not much set up needed. In Preferences, you’ll only find one option and that’s the ability to choose a default task list to use in the Reminders app.

You won’t need to open the Reminders app at all unless you want to create a new list to use with Eisenpower.

Add Tasks

To add a new task, you can use the keyboard shortcut Command+N or click on the plus button next to the appropriate category.

Add tasks to Eisenpower.

Each category section is scrollable, so no matter how many tasks you add to the area, it will remain the same size.

Managing Tasks

Clicking the list icon next to the plus sign will show all of your completed tasks. Clicking on the icon again will go back to your uncompleted tasks. This also allows you to re-activate a completed task that you may have marked as done by accident, or just need to do again.

View your completed tasks in Eisenpower.

If you want to delete a task, just select it and press the “delete” button on your keyboard. To edit a task that you’ve already created, double click it. If you want to rearrange your tasks or move a task from one category to another, you can do so via drag-and-drop.

You’ll notice that each task has a set of three action icons next to it (to the far right). The check mark simply marks a task as done, we’ll take a look at the other two icons below.

Add reminders to Eisenpower.

Adding Reminders

The bell icon lets you add reminders so that you can receive notifications for your tasks. One thing that I don’t like about the reminders feature is that you can’t select a date from a calendar. You have to manually enter a date, which means that you’ll need to use another calendar app if you’re not sure of a date.

Add sticky notes to the Mac Notification Center with Eisenpower.

Eisenpower makes up for this with a cool feature that lets you post a sticky note to the Notification Center. The “sticky note” is basically an alert that will stay on the screen until dismissed. Closing the alert will also remove it from the Notification Center. If you also set a reminder for the task, it will remain in the Notification Center (under Reminders) until you remove it.

Sharing Tasks

Share your tasks on Eisenpower.

You can share tasks by email, Messages (in an instant message or via iMessage), Twitter, or Facebook. Eisenpower uses Mountain Lion’s native Twitter and Facebook integration for easy sharing.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Eisenpower is for managing simple tasks and to-dos. It’s not meant for project management or collaboration, even though you can share tasks if needed. It’s really just for your own personal task management needs and it does the job well. Users will love the simple design and user-friendly interface. I should also point out that Eisenpower looks beautiful in full-screen view.

Eisenpower in full-screen view.

Since Eisenpower syncs your tasks via iCloud, you can sync your tasks across multiple Mac computers and even to your iPhone or iPad. How? Well remember that it uses the Reminders app, which is also available on all iOS 6 devices. So you’ll receive reminders on any supported device that you may have.

Eisenpower is definitely recommended for managing your daily tasks. It’s easy-to-use and is a great companion to the Reminders app since you’ll get a better visual representation of what needs to be done.

What are your thoughts on Eisenpower?

Charnita Fance
Charnita Fance

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