How to Manage Startup Applications in Ubuntu 14.04

Whenever you boot up your Ubuntu machine, there will be a lot of third party applications and services that will start up automatically with the core services and applications. If you found that your Ubuntu machine bootup is becoming slower and slower, these piled up startup applications could be the cause for it.

As some of the applications automatically add themselves to the startup list after installation, it is a good practice to check the list from time to time and remove those that you don’t need during startup. From Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu introduced the “Startup applications manager” that allows you to easily manage the startup applications.

Manage Startup Applications In Ubuntu

To manage startup applications, all you have to do is to edit some startup settings using the tool provided by Ubuntu. To do that, open Ubuntu Dash, type startup applications and click on the “Startup Applications” tool in the results.


The above action will open “Startup Applications preferences” window. To prevent a particular application from running during startup, uncheck the box next to that application. As you can see from the below image, I have unchecked the check box next to the “tint2” application and prevented it from starting up automatically in the next boot.


If you want, you can also entirely remove an application from the startup list by selecting the application and clicking on the “Remove” button. But only do this if you know what you are doing because removing a startup application from the list may be inconvenient if you want to re-enable it in the future.


Now, if you want the application to start up automatically but don’t want it to slow down the whole startup process, then you can set a time delay for that specific app.

To set a time delay, select the app and click on the “Edit” button. This will open the “Edit startup program” window. Here in the command box enter the following command at the beginning of the command that already exists. Don’t forget to substitute “XX” with the number of seconds.

Once you have substituted “XX” with the number of seconds, the command will look something like this.


Once you have entered the delay time, click on the “Save” button to save the changes. From now on, the said application automatically starts after XX seconds of Ubuntu boot process.

That’s all there is to do, and it is that easy to manage startup applications in Ubuntu. Hopefully that helps, and do comment below if you face any problems while managing the startup applications in Ubuntu 14.04.

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