How to Manage Your Picasa Web Album From Android

In the past, we will have to carry a bulky camera along to take photos. Now, most phones come with a camera for you to take photos on the move. The new problem is, how can we quickly deal with the photos after you have taken it? Connecting your phone to your computer, transfer the photos over, edit them in photo editor, then upload to online photo album is definitely a troublesome process.

If you own an Android phone and have a Google account, you can make use of the free Picasa account to handle your photos.

If you Android phone is running version 2.1 and above, the default Gallery app should allow you to view your Picasa album. The only, and the biggest, problem is that you can’t upload or edit it. To manage your Picasa Web albums, we will need a third party app call Picazza.

Picazza is a tiny Picasa client designed for you to browse, add/delete, edit, share your photos.


Download Picaszza from the market.

At first use, you will have to grant permission to Picazza to access and manage your Picasa account.


Once you have granted it permission, it will bring you back to the app and display all your existing albums in the main page.


You can add new album to the list by pressing “Menu -> Add“. Permission of the album can be set to Public, Unlisted, or Protected.


You can also long press on an album to delete it, edit its properties or share it with your social networks.


Within each album, you can add new photos to it or delete existing photos. You can even move the photos from one album to another. This is one cool feature not available in most app.



As a Picasa client, I think Picazza has done a really good job. The only, and the most important, feature that is lacking is the batch mode. At the moment, you can only upload, move or delete one photo at a time. It is very troublesome if you need to multiple a large library of photos. Give it a batch mode and this app is near to perfect.

What do you think? What other apps do you use to manage your online photo albums?

Picaszza (market link)


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