Manage Noisy or Overheating Fans with Macs Fan Control [Mac]

How to Control Your Mac’s Fans

Do you have issues with noisy or overheating fans on your Mac? If so, you may be looking for a tool that can help to keep these issues under control. While there are various Mac apps available, you’ll find that the Macs Fan Control app is both effective and easy-to-use.

Using Macs Fan Control

1. You’ll need to download Macs Fan Control. It’s a free download that is available for Mac OS X and Windows (Boot Camp). In this tutorial, we’re using Macs Fan Control for Mac OS X.

2. Unzip the folder and drag Macs Fan to your Applications folder.

3. Once you run the application, the Macs Fan Control window will appear on your desktop; you’ll also see its icon on your menu bar.

The Macs Fan Control menu bar icon menu.

4. In the Macs Fan Control window, you’ll see the min RPM, current RPM, and max RPM. You can also see see the control status for your fans; it will show “auto” by default.

Right-clicking on one of your fans will let you change the control; you can choose between automatic (controlled by system), constant RPM value (set by you), or sensor-based value (set by you).

Note: RPM = revolutions per minute and is a measure of the frequency of a rotation.

You can change the control of your Mac's fans.

5. If you choose the “Constant RPM value” control option, you will be able to enter your desired RPM value for your fans.

If you choose the “Sensor-based value” option, you can choose a sensor and enter values for the fan speed and maximum temperature.

You can custom the fan control options for all of your fans.

6. On the right side of the window, you’ll see a column for Temperature Sensors. Temperatures are measured in Celsius, but you can change them to Fahrenheit within Preferences.

To access Preferences, just click on the “Preferences” button under the Temperature Sensors column.

Note: In Preferences, you can also choose to display a specific temperature sensor value or display a fan RPM value next to the menu bar icon.

View your temperature sensors and change from Celcius to Fahrenheit.

As you can see, Macs Fan Control provides real-time monitoring of your Mac’s fan speeds and temperatures. It lets you control each fan individually and helps to keep your Mac functional with cool temperatures.

How do you control your Mac’s fans?

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