How to Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts and Check Email in One Place

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For many of us, Gmail is the fulcrum point connecting our entire online experience. The universal email provider manages our single sign-on (SSO) access, notifies us of important alerts, syncs with team meeting apps, and can easily connect with work domains. Given such versatility, it's quite common to have multiple Gmail accounts to manage our daily activities.

It's important to know that you don't have to remember the separate passwords for each Gmail account. There are several ways to access multiple Gmail accounts from one place and check all your email simultaneously.

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1. Using Gmail Sign-in Add Account

Gmail has a sign-in "add account" feature which lets you add secondary Gmail accounts to your primary Gmail address. This is undoubtedly the fastest, easiest, and most widely used method to keep all your Gmail addresses in one place.

On PC/Laptop

If you use Gmail mostly on a PC/laptop, you can add new Gmail accounts from your user profile letter on the top right. It's prominently visible, and adding a secondary Gmail account is quite easy. Click "Add another account" to proceed.

Gmail Multiple Manage Add Another Account
Add Another Gmail Account from Gmail Profile

A Google sign-in page will appear next. Log in with your secondary Gmail accounts and password to proceed.

Gmail Multiple Manage Add Another Account Signin
Secondary Gmail Account Sign-in Page

After you sign in, you can immediately view the newly added Gmail address on your primary Gmail inbox. Every time you click on that region, it will open the secondary inbox in parallel to the main Gmail inbox.

Gmail Multiple Manage Add Another Account Secondary
Accessing Newly Added Secondary Gmail from Primary Email

On Mobile/Tablet

For Android and iOS smartphone and tablet users, the option to add new email addresses in the Gmail app is the same as the desktop. You may also open Gmail in any mobile browser for more private browsing.

Gmail Multiple Manage Add Account Mobile Tablet
Adding New Gmail Account on Android

2. Through Private Browsing/Incognito Mode

Another easy, intuitive method to access multiple Gmail accounts is to go for private or incognito mode browsing. This method is browser-specific, but the core idea is that you can access as many Gmail accounts as you want depending on the number of incognito browser windows open. It's great for multitaskers!

On Google Chrome

To manage multiple Gmail accounts, Google Chrome users can access the incognito mode from the three-dot menu on the top-right corner.

Gmail Multiple Manage Incognito Mode Chrome
Multiple Gmails Using Incognito Mode in Google Chrome

On Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has a similar placement for private browsing. Go to the hamburger menu on the top-right corner and open "new private window" to proceed.

Gmail Multiple Manage Private Window Firefox
Gmail Private Window in Firefox

3. Using Multiple Browser Profiles

One can create multiple browser profiles to access different Gmail accounts. Again, this method is browser-specific as shown below.

On Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge users can access additional browser profiles from the "user" icon on the top-right corner. You can either choose to browse as a guest, which will also give you separate Gmail accounts, or click "Add profile" as shown here.

Gmail Multiple Manage Browser Profile Edge Add
Adding New Browser Profile in Edge

You can create as many browser profiles as you need in Edge to access multiple Gmail email accounts in one place.

Gmail Multiple Manage Browser Profile Edge Gmail
Accessing Gmail from a Different Profile in Edge

On Google Chrome

Google Chrome has a more sophisticated environment for multiple browser profiles. Click on your user profile on the top-right corner and go to "Add," which is depicted by a plus sign.

Gmail Multiple Manage Browser Profile Chrome Add
Adding New Browser Profile in Chrome

You can do a lot of customization of your secondary Google Chrome profile, including theme colors, which will mark different Gmail windows separately.

Gmail Multiple Manage Browser Profile Chrome Customized
Customize Chrome Profile

The following screen shows access to multiple Gmail accounts based on different browser profiles.

Gmail Multiple Manage Browser Profile Chrome Gmail
Accessing Gmail on Separate Chrome Profile

You can also create new email profiles in the Firefox browser, which has far more steps.

4. In Thunderbird Gmail Settings

If you are using Thunderbird as your primary email account, it's very easy to add multiple Gmail accounts from the Thunderbird Gmail settings. There is an option to set up an account from "Email" as shown here.

Gmail Multiple Manage Thunderbird Set New Email
Setting Up New Email Account in Thunderbird

After a few steps, you will be greeted by a sign-in page where Gmail account credentials have to be entered. For detailed steps on how to add Gmail to the Thunderbird client, we have an extensive tutorial.

Gmail Multiple Manage Thunderbird Gmail Credentials
Gmail Credentials Added in Thunderbird

5. With Gmail Outlook Settings

Many Windows users have Outlook as a default email client. It, too, supports adding multiple email accounts including Gmail addresses.

Gmail Multiple Manage Outlook Account Settings
Outlook Account Settings

Go to "Account Settings" from the homepage of the Outlook client. Here you can add a new email address from the prominently visible "New" email category. This will open a new pop-up window where you can enter your Gmail account address.

Gmail Multiple Manage Outlook Adding Gmail
Adding Gmail in Outlook

Once you enter the Gmail password, you will notice another pop-up window of Gmail sign-in credentials.

Gmail Multiple Manage Outlook Signingin Gmail
Login with Gmail on Outlook

In the next screen, you will be able to view a notification that says: "Microsoft Apps and services want to access your Gmail account." Click OK to proceed.

Gmail Multiple Manage Outlook Gmail Permissions
Microsoft Apps Permission for Gmail

The Gmail account has been added to Outlook. You can access multiple Gmail accounts in one place right here.

Gmail Multiple Manage Outlook Added Gmail
Gmail Added in Outlook

6. On Different Web Browsers

Of course, the last and easiest way to access multiple Gmail accounts is to open it separately on different web browsers. The following screen shows Gmail opened across Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

Gmail Multiple Manage Firefox Chrome Edge
Gmail Open in Multiple Browsers: Edge, Chrome, and Firefox

Having multiple Gmail accounts is a professional necessity today. Here we have covered a number of tested methods which allow you to check multiple Gmail accounts in one place. You can also learn to create your own Gmail desktop app for higher productivity and improve your search tips for faster results.

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