How Do You Manage Multiple Email Accounts?

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We do so much of our communication online these days that we need to be able to have strategies for handling multiple accounts, especially with email. While at one time we may have only had a work account and a personal account, now we can have multiple business accounts, perhaps even multiple personal accounts, and some services give you mail accounts so that they can contact you more easily.

It can be overwhelming, and if your accounts are through several different platforms, it can really get out of control. How do you manage multiple email accounts?

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Sayak reports he manages his multiple email accounts with “a hybrid of different methods.” He uses the Mozilla Thunderbird desktop client to manage three emails accounts, with all of them relating to work and at least one being Gmail. On a mobile device, he uses separate email apps for Gmail, Outlook, and Protonmail. He manages his multiple Gmail IDs with its multiple sign-in feature.

Andrew uses Thunderbird for desktop and Outlook for mobile devices. He likes some of the other mobile email apps for their interfaces, but notes that “if you do a little bit of digging, you find that a lot of the top ones have privacy/security issues unfortunately.”

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Simon reports that he uses the Chrome app Checker Plus for Gmail. It keeps all his accounts in one tidy app, and he finds that it’s “very useful for keeping tabs on everything!”

Phil uses webmail just as he has done for years. He used to use Apple Mail, but it broke, and he couldn’t ever get it working again, so he started using the webmail from his email provider. He reports it’s good, as he can get his Gmail accounts forwarded to it and can reach it on any computer. “This comes in handy if I’m traveling and don’t have a laptop or pad on me.”

Miguel explains that it’s a “no-brainer” for him. He just adds the other accounts to his personal Gmail inbox, and that takes care of it. The interface even shows him which email a message was sent to. It’s “useful when trying to organize things.”

As my husband would say, “Welcome to the party, Pal!” It was me who was late to the party. While I have all my Gmail accounts in the Gmail app, to get a non-Google email into the app, I created a Gmail to transfer it into, not realizing I could have it forward into one of my other emails and have it still send from the correct domain. Having just learned of this, it’s a game-changer.

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Do your multiple email accounts get out of control? Or do you have a method of keeping them all streamlined? How do you manage multiple email accounts? Add your methods to our comments below to let us know how you handle the situation.

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