How to Hide Your Facebook Friends List from Others

Facebook Friends How To Hide Each Other

By default, your Facebook friends can access your entire Friends list. This is great for helping people find mutual acquaintances, especially if they’ve just signed up to Facebook. However, you may prefer to keep your Friends list private. We show you here how to be sneakier about your online friendships. You’ll learn how to hide your Facebook friends from one another, including hiding your Friends list from a specific user. You’ll also learn how to make your entire Friends list private – perfect if you’re worried about online privacy.

How to Hide Facebook Friends

You can change your Facebook privacy settings via the desktop or the Facebook mobile app.

Let’s start by changing these settings from the desktop:

1. Head over to Facebook and log in to your account.

2. In Facebook’s upper-right corner, click the little downward arrow.

You can modify your Facebook Friends list, in the web browser.

3. Select “Settings & Privacy -> Settings.”

4. In the menu on the left, select “Privacy.”

5. Find the following section: “How people find and contact you: Who can see your friends list.” Click its accompanying “Edit” link.

In Facebook, navigate to “Settings & Privacy > Settings > Privacy."

Use the “Who can see your friends list?” drop-down to specify who has access to this information.

You can take control of your Facebook Friends list, in the following section: "Who can see your friends list?"

Choose from the following options:

  • Public. Everyone has access to your Friends list.
  • Friends. Your list will be accessible to your Friends only. It cannot be accessed by other Facebook users.
  • Friends except … Do you want to share your Facebook Friends list with everyone except a select few users? In this scenario, it may be easier to specify who shouldn’t have access to your Friends list.
  • Specific friends. If you only want to share your list with certain people, then select “Specific friends” and enter the names of the lucky few.
  • Only me. This hides your Friends list from everyone – even those on your Friends list!
  • Custom. If you have very specific requirements, this is the most flexible option. You can use “Custom” to enter the names of anyone who should and shouldn’t have access to your Friends list. You can also use “Custom” to restrict or grant access to entire groups, including “Friends of Friends.”
You can control exactly who can, and can't, see your Facebook Friends list, by selecting the "Custom" option.

Choose the settings you want, and that’s it! You’ve now successfully taken control over your Friends list.

Facebook for Android and iOS

If you have Facebook installed on your phone, then you may prefer to modify your Facebook privacy settings via the iOS or Android mobile application.

Note that the following instructions are based on Facebook for iOS, so the steps may differ slightly on Android:

1. On your smartphone, launch the Facebook mobile app.

2. In the bottom-right corner, tap the three-line icon.

3. Scroll to “Settings & Privacy,” and give it a tap.

You can also edit your Facebook Friends list, in the mobile application.

4. Tap “Settings -> Privacy Settings.”

5. Find “Who can see your friends list?” and give it a tap.

You can now choose the specific people, or groups of people, who should have access to your Friends list.

Now that you know how to hide your friends list from others, do you know you can also change your name in Facebook or transfer your Facebook photos to Dropbox or Google?

Are there any more Facebook privacy settings you’d like us to cover? Let us know in the comments below!

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