How to Manage Application Windows More Efficiently With Preme [Windows]

Have you ever wanted to work with your applications quicker on your PC? While Windows gives you shortcuts and tricks to manage your app window, it could be more efficient for users juggling multiple ones. That is where Preme comes in handy. Preme is a freeware Windows utility that lets you customize the way you work with windows.

Download and install

Preme for Windows is available here. It is a quick install and Preme starts right away when it is complete.

When active, it is contained within the taskbar for you to customize or turn on or off as you see fit.



The first time you open Preme, it may seem overwhelming. Packed within its main window, you have the options to change each corner of an open window. Preme calls this the functional screen corner.


With a functional screen corner, you can create the following functional corners:


In this example, we have made the bottom left corner of our windows able to open the Task Switcher. So, when we hover over that corner of a window, the Task Switcher will pop open for us to use.


If you opt to use the “open any file” option in Preme, you can set a window corner to open a file. You simply pick the file you want to open and when you hover over that corner, Preme will open that for you.

You can add options to your title bars and buttons, too, for more options in how you interact with windows in how they scroll, move and close.

You can also adjust the time delay in the response of each corner so that you do not accidentally switch between or open something you do not want to. In order to do that, you want to click “Advanced.”


This opens additional options for each corner and settings in Preme.

For the time delay, simply move the sliders in each corner to your desired delay.


You can also whitelist or blacklist apps, windows and more by clicking “Black list” next to the options you want to work with. This will ensure that certain windows, apps or programs are not affected by Preme’s options.


For example, when Preme is activated, you can opt to click “Esc” twice to close any open window. You can set up a blacklist for this option so that certain windows, apps or software are not affected by it.

Keyboard shortcuts

Preme lets you remap keyboard shortcuts in Windows. You can access this by clicking “Keyboard shortcuts.”


In order to do that, you need to know what keyboard shortcut you want to replace and input it first. Then, you can choose what you want that keyboard shortcut to do when Preme is activated. You can also disable a keyboard shortcut as well.


If you ever wanted to have more control over your windows on your PC, Preme is one of the best ways to do that. You can customize windows your way which makes your computer work for you and not the other way around.

Melissa Popp
Melissa Popp

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