Make Your Windows XP/Vista Functions Like Windows 7

If you have downloaded and try out Windows 7 beta on your computer, you will know that it comes with plenty of useful features and an improved usability over its previous version. If you like the features very much and would like to implement them to your existing version of Windows (XP or Vista), here are some applications that you can use to make your Windows XP/Vista functions the same as Windows 7.


In Windows 7, the new taskbar features big icons for you to access your favorite application easily. In Windows XP/Vista, this can be easily achieved with Windows 7 Taskbar Iconizer. This is a simple program that you can use to switch the taskbar interface. There is no installation required and you can easily switch back to the original looks.

Download Windows 7 Taskbar Iconizer.

Double click the application to run.


Click on the image to the right to “iconized” your taskbar. Restart your computer for it to take effect.

AeroPeek for Windows XP/Vista

Windows 7 comes with this AeroPeek feature that allows you to view thumbnails of opened windows, take a peek of the desktop when mouse hover on the right-bottom corner and also highlight the active window and make the other windows transparent.

To achieve these effects, we will use a combination of AeroPeek utility and Visual Task Tips.

Download and install AeroPeek and Visual Task Tips. The AeroPeek application requires .NET framework 3.5 to run. If you have not installed, download it here.

Restart your computer. Run the AeroPeek and Visual Task tips via the Start menu. You should be able to achieve the transparent windows and thumbnails effects.



AeroSnap for Windows XP/Vista

The AeroSnap feature automatically resize the window to half the screen size and snap itself to the side when you drag the window to the side (either left or right). When you drag the window to the top of the screen, the Window maximize to full screen.

In Windows XP/Vista, this can be achieved using AeroSnap.

Download and install AeroSnap.

Run AeroSnap via the Start menu. Now drag your window to the side and release and see it miraculously resize and snap itself to the side. You can also drag the window to the top of the screen to maximize it.


It is difficult to show the full effect of the AeroSnap in screenshot. You should try it out yourself.

AeroShake for Windows XP/Vista

AeroShake is another feature in Windows 7 that allows you to minimize all windows, except for the active one by shaking the window with your mouse.  In Windows XP/Vista, an AeroShake application was developed using AutoHotKeys scripts.

Download Aeroshake. There is no installation required. Simply double click the downloaded application to run. Drag your active window with the mouse and give it a few big shake. You should see all other windows minimize to the taskbar.

That’s it!

Note: If you are looking to transform your XP/Vista to Windows 7, AskVG has written a very good guide to transform your Windows to Windows 7 without using transformation pack.

Transform Windows XP into Windows 7 without using Customization Pack

Transform Windows Vista into Windows 7 without using Customization Pack

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  1. I LOVE that background. Where can I get it or something similar?

  2. Thanks for this great article. In addition, the best other guides for XP to Windows 7 Transformation i’ve ever known on WinMatrix for every Windows XP user (thanks to amirz):


    You can find and download many cool stuffs + even some port apps and guides/links there to totally transform and enhance XP like Windows Vista or Windows 7 for free, in both GUI and feature/function! Just FYI. Thanks.

    Long live XP!

  3. I really love Win7’s functions! :)
    So… I really love your article!

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    1. I am glad you like it.

      1. how did your taskbar go from the regular vista taskbar to being rectangular like windows 7 in the next picture?

        btw, is the net.framework safe because last time i downloaded from microsoft i got a really bad worm from msn

        1. @Alessandro: Yes, the .net framework is safe. It is the applications that are using it that are unsafe. Be careful of what you install and you will be fine.

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  5. hi all!
    i have XP last v.20 it look like as Vista but I have a problem, when my windows are minimized I can not see them like as Windows 7
    help me!

  6. This article is nice. However, are there any tips to make Vista run lean like Win 7?

  7. this customization pack make xp look like windows 7, icons, login screen, and the sounds it goes great with the features you can install on this page.…

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