Make Your iPod Touch Into a Phone

While iPod Touch has the same physical look and functionality as the iPhone, it is still lacking in one thing: the ability to make phone call.

If you can afford the extra $100 plus the $60/month AT&T charge for the next two year, then you can ignore this post and go get yourself an iPhone. However, if you are like me, stuck in a country where iPhone has not yet been launched, then here is a good way to convert your iPod Touch into a phone.

The way to do it is via the application SIP-VoIP (and also a TouchMod mic to transmit and receive voice signal since iPod Touch does not has a microphone and speaker by default).

There is a great tutorial over at Lifehacker on installing and configuring SIP-VoIP on your iPod Touch. Generally, the steps required are summarized below:

  1. Jailbreak your iPod Touch
  2. Add the touchmod repository to your
  3. Install the SIP-VoIP app via the (according to Lifehacker, if the application don’t work, you will have to install the older version via OpenSSH)
  4. Register a SIP account with third party
  5. Configure the SIP-VoIP with the third party details
  6. Dial the outbound number and start making the call.

You won’t get a full fledge phone after installing SIP-VoIP, but it does show great promises, and can be a great alternative for those who are not able to get their hand on an iPhone.

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